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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    the point in tank picking up adds is that a) they do next to no dmg on tank b)tank can flex his e pen on logs since with vengence he can solo adds when dps push dps on boss dont worry about adds agro and generaly it lets them ignore one of mechanics and focus on other things - seems like win for me and works perfeckly for my guild
    Well of course the tanks can help, I'm just saying there's no real need for it.

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    and the tanks are perfectly capable of solo'ing the reflection adds also, so its better for the dps to tunnel the boss, manifestations and fragments and ignore the reflections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScooterPerpetual View Post
    The boss continues attacking the tank I believe at the cost of 5 pride every cast of Reaching AttacK? I mean its not really good to do that but you shouldn't drop aggro but I could be wrong since we run 0 melee.
    Most of the time, yes.

    But for some reason after swelling pride he forgets how to do reaching attack for a little bit. It's a bit of a hassle if you try and be cute and soak a rift during swelling pride's cast (not a good idea, but I did try it once ), or get projection and need to run out to get to it. The obvious solutions are not to do either, of course.

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    I don't see how high pride is even an issue for tanks on this fight. Whenever we do this fight we intentionally spawn the projections in melee like a poster suggested above. This whole issue about high pride by the fourth swelling is irrelevant because heroic raiders should have the awareness to deal with the mechanics at 50 pride or above. Furthermore a defensive cooldown from a mdps should keep that dps alive long enough for the tank to deal with his projection.
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