Shuffling, as in acquiring materials for a price then converting them to more valuable ones using: Jewelcrafting, Alcemy, Enchanting and mining primarily.

First step: Is shuffling actually profitable?

Finding out the exact value of the materials you will be processing is extremely important. The value of the materials dictates the extent at which you can shuffle materials around into gold. Ghost iron ore is probably your safest bet, so lets look at the materials you can turn it into.

Ghost iron ore:
1. Farm ghost iron ore and/or buy it. You can also attempt to employ avid farmers to COD it directly to you, be careful not to order to much of it as it can be boring to process 100 stacks every single day. You will rarely find people farming ore for you for long tho.

2. Prospect the ghost iron ore. Likely the most profitable action.
3. Melt into ghost iron bars. Often the price of bars may be more valuable than ore value and should be considered if you're waiting for gem prices to rise again.
4. Ore -> Bar -> Transmute into Trillium bar. On my server this is not profitable, it may however be on yours. Try to get transmutation mastery.

1. Sell them uncut and/or cut them and sell them.

2. Craft uncommon / rares and disenchant them for the enchanting mats. Crafting greens may yield a blue item which may be worth more than the enchanting mats it turns into.

3. Farm or buy golden lotus -> Transmute uncommon gems into rare ones if profitable. Transmutation alchemy recommended.

1. Farm / buy Trillium ore.
2. Melt into bars and sell. Trillium ore being 9-11g per 1, bars being 45-55g this one is actually profitable on my server.

General tips.
* Don't be afraid to hold onto mats.
* You can ignore any and all steps in the process if they are not profitable. Farming and selling ghost iron ore for 200g per stack is better than turning it into rare gems worth 30g.
* Connect Alchemy, enchanting, mining and JC characters via a guild bank.
* Get mining/herbalist on main. It's much better to farm while waiting queue than running circles in org.
* Get a sell character and a sell tab on your guild bank. Makes for easy transfer and reduces trash in the bags of character doing the actual processing. You also get a character you can easily mail any and all valuables you find laying around.