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    Usually it doesn't matter. If you are with random people, it doesn't matter because random ... form a group if you don't want that chance. PuGs formed through chat, it still doesn't matter because you still can't verify realistically if it was (PC/ISP) lag or not.

    If you are with people you know; lag can be usually one of three things; internet latency, system hangup, mistake. If they are your friend irl, it still doesn't matter, if they are a decent 'internet friend' it still shouldn't matter. You'll know them well enough to figure out the truth of the situation.

    Internet lag happens. PC hardware lag happens. Mistakes happen.

    I've never had it become a real issue before. I've never had anyone consistently pull that excuse week after week. I've had people have a bad night with either their system or ISP and it clear up. I've had people have a bad night where they just can't pull it together for whatever reason that are normally consistent.

    Don't take the game that seriously, and quit being an antagonist looking for any reason to jump down someone's throat. It will not get you far in life, even if it does temporarily make up for your lack of self-esteem by feeling like an internet badass pointing out the obvious or calling someone out who might have some esteem issues of their own but don't try to overcompensate by going aggressive.

    Just. Have. Fun.

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    probably would be alot of rage about people with high latency(or bad fps) like me.
    it would have a more negative impact than a good one. horde main alliance main
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gusie View Post
    other players latency? Is that not possible?

    People wont be able to use the lagging excuse anymore. Really wish this was a thing.
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    I remember the most frustrating lag I ever had was in Tier 7 at start of WOTLK, in Naxxramas I would just get dc'ed randomly I think it was a AT&T issue or something like that, but good lawd it was obnoxious

    Since then, blizzard connections have been pretty awesome for me at least.

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    Well, if people went to see my latency, I would probably not be allowed to raid lol, usually sit around 1-2000 latency, and used to have about 4000+ in WotLK. (even if I always out-healed all others lol, got used to lag behind with heals, lag-healzor). Always roll my eyes when someone complain having 100 latency, would take that any day!

    But as Darkvoltinx said, would probably cause a lot of rage on people.
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