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    Do you think Blizzard is planning to make raid gear BoE in future?

    It would make it easy for heroic/mythic raiders to sell loot they don't need and buy wow tokens. Plus Blizzard would make so much more money as wow tokens demand went up.

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    No, what'd be the point of raiding, it'd make it so that you could just bot your way to BIS.
    , that's all I have to say about Wow.

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    No. Buying your BiS cannot even be fun for the guy buying it. I do not see who would profit from this.

    On many servers, raidguilds sell runs. Even my guild sells heroic clear runs, and we are just 7/10 mythic.
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    considering that TG warriors was here since Vanilla, and DK's got into the World of warcraft in WoTLK... you can say that they have been stealing 2-handed from us.
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    But I think it's a serious problem that a lot of people keep farming Mounts without any result for years. It could probably invoke some bad kind of anxiety and in some cases even depression, to be honest.
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    DK's and warrs are even on heals.

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