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    Interview with Cory Stockton about Garrisons

    Hello Guys,

    My Friend Eikani@Goldrinn-US Major Admin of Blizzard's Brazilian fansite WOWGirl lead an interview with Cory Stockton about garrisons and the game design behind this amazing feature that comes with WOD.

    (English part starts on 1:44 )

    Hope u guys like the interview
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    Is there a TL;DW somewhere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byrogan View Post
    Is there a TL;DW somewhere?
    imagine the questions you've heard asked over the past year and the answers that blizzard gave. that's mostly what this interview is.

    if someone never visits MMOC or any other WoW related site and doesn't chat too much in the game then they might learn something new.

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    Poor Google Translate summary.


    Flavia: Nice to meet you, Cory, I'm Flavia, the WoWGirl, a Brazilian fansite for World of Warcraft, and it's great to talk to you!

    Cory: Nice to meet you too

    When I saw the promotional material for the linings on the mounts you can tame and stuff the first thing I thought was, this is not one of those things that makes players feel obliged to have the stables at max level?

    Well, believe it depends on how much you believe the mounts are mandatory. Because in general the mounts are cosmetic items in WoW then it really depends. Other players will find that ... You know, when you build the Barracks you get a bodyguard, bodyguards, and this will give you more DPS. Eoutras people will find that DPS is also required. So I guess the question boils down to "What's most important to you." And I would say that was our main goal in the process of creating the trimmings as a whole. We wanted to close with 10 or 20 buildings that people would stop to think good about which to build. And that is the right way to do it, because we did not want there to be a building that everyone has to have all the benefits of all of them are very good.

    But the thing is, they all look great! All the advantages, and specifically about the stables, not just the mounts that you can tame, but the fact that you can get resources without getting the mount, and the speed of travel, everything is very attractive - but I'm sure every building has its attractive benefits as well.

    Yes, and this is because the stables are a building usually associated with cosmetic items, but he has to compete with other large buildings that offer strong rewards. We have the Mage Tower, which gives you teleport will transport you straight to other areas in Draenor and it really put a value on transportation, people find that transportation is one of the biggest advantages you can have. So we have to create something in every building that is competitive.

    What about travel ... is there any plan trims, somehow, fulfill the role of a capital with more features and things that make players want to spend more time there?

    No, and that's really something that we considered, heard this question several times. We really do not expect people to spend a lot of time on the gaskets every day. We see them more as a point of checking in, you go up there, take some missions, sends his staff to missions and then left there. We create the gameplay of the buildings so they send you to the world, instead of having to do everything within the trimmings. Then when you go to the stables and want to get those mounts, you should go out on a hunt for indivudual catch them. When you have bodyguards, you know, you have to use their services in the world, somewhere. So she is the center where you start the activities, and there you will explore the world.

    What about the mounts that can tame, is something like the helpers of the Hunters, you should follow them, and have a process to get them to you?

    Yes, it's similar to what hunters do, but this is more like a progression of missions. First you think the mount, capture her, takes her back to his stable and then the next day you can train that ride,
    then you will ride it and go around fighting monsters, and every time you defeat a monster his steed basically level up. At one point one final mission will appear, and the reward of this mission is that going to be riding a mount it, you can use anywhere in the world.

    I think it's great, is much better than just wait an egg hatch.

    Ah, yes, exactly. It's good to hear, because it's one of our goals with this functionality, create new types of gameplay with the buildings. We do not queíamos it was ... we talk a lot about things like "work offline" and here we have things that happen to you while you're offline, but we want the players to feel involved in what they are doing.

    And, I'm sorry to insist on this subject, but really worries me that when we were introduced to the garrisons, they said that would be something completely optional, and now it seems that the whole process involves up the trimmings in a way that they can not be ignored and players tend to have problems with things that should not be mandatory, but end up becoming because they bring many benefits. Are you ready for this?

    Yes. As we were progressing, we realized that trims are the main novelty of Warlords of Draenor is the feature that best defines the expansion. So yes, we put everything we put into them, but we make sure that if you really want to be the person who does not want to build a trim, definitely you can be that person, you can lvl in dungeons until 100, you can PvP leveling up with the 100,
    and not build its garrison somehow. Obviously, you will lose a huge amount of benefits and equipment and things you could have gotten through guarnição.Mas if someone really does not want to do it, technically, they can not do. But our goal is that the trim is something that is exciting for many players as possible, and as we follow in the Beta and receive feedback we are setting it. We are sure that it is in the something that has attractions for everyone. We do not want it to be something boring, so it will not have a huge amount of dailies, will not have a lot of factions are trying to get away from that sort of thing, because they are things that can make the tedious trim.

    And I know that among the buildings that we choose are the buildings of the profession.


    And you can collect materials of professions, and what is the advantage to a player, for example, I have between my Inscription professions. What will be the benefit that I have for choosing the building Inscription and not another profession to sell the materials?

    That's a great question. It's one of the things that we would have made ​​it clear in beta, but is also something that changed several times so it's complicated to explain pros players. It is a question we see a lot, what is the benefit of doing this? The benefits are: if you have a profession that builds the buildings you will have access to the highest level of income, we call it level 3 And they offer the best status for existing manufactured items.
    So if you have a building Inscription but is not a scribe, you receive a set of weaker than the highest income level. The second benefit is that you can make your twice daily cooldown.

    That's great!

    Without the building you can cooldown once, of course, by the profession, but if you have the building, the building of the NPC will offer you a second chance to create the journal entry cooldown. And that means basically you can create your items 50% faster than someone who is not a scribe. Are the main benefits that you will see, and I believe the two are significant.

    Yes, they are great. It's a way of getting people to the buildings of our profession and not trying to be greedy.

    I believe many people will build first one or two buildings of their professions, and this is why we have three small lots, you can put your two main buildings there professions, and the third batch, for example, you can always test engineering. It's a great opportunity to test engineering and see if you like the job or not, without having to abandon Inscription, tailoring, or any profession that you have long ago.

    Yes, and engineering can be a very expensive profession to level. It has very nice things, but it is expensive. And up on the buildings, the projects that they need to climb level can only be purchased with gold? Now in beta they are really expensive. Prices are those who are there?

    Yes, they are sold for gold, and teach you all level 1 when you upgrade your trim tier 1 to tier 2 And when you go from tier 2 to tier 3, we give access to level plans 2, but will cost gold, we did not want that everybody could buy everything away, we thought it was a great place to create a "gold sink", and for that people to test one building at a time rather than thinking buy everything they need. And the level 3 versions of all projects, each one has a unique achievement associated with it. And to get this achievement, you unlock the ability to buy the project level 3 For this achievement, we estimate that the average player take around two weeks to make, maybe 3, are setting this in beta now, but versions of 3 level of any building will be like a big investment.

    Yes, they really are just in beta. We're seeing them as well expensive, an investment.

    And those numbers .. we're watching the beta, we have a few more weeks ahead, and we will adjust to ensure that most players can buy what they want. Do not want to give the feeling of being a game for the rich anyway. This is the kind of thing we will watch and keep adjusting as the launch approaches.

    And we had our first contact with our own space in Mists of Pandaria, with our farm and apparently we will not use them in WoD. And we heard that with linings will be the same thing, we would use on Draenor, and that the next expansion it would not be so useful. This is still the idea of ​​you?

    This is definitely the central theory behind what we are doing, and I can tell you the reason why: WoW is a very established game, are 10 years working on it and the way we look at our feature sets is
    if we keep adding new features and huge every expansion, and we have to continue to support these features, at some point the game will become so large that we could no longer support him, had so many things there. Instead, we have tried to create features that are distinct and unique for each expansion. So for example, establish a base on Draenor seems perfect for this expansion, we entered the gate, blew it, and now we're stuck here, so we have to build a base. Makes perfect sense to create it here. But I must say that if functionality is very popular, what hope is, and realize that people are very connected to what they are doing, we will definitely find a way to bring forth pieces of functionality. But it really depends on the community and how things happen. Obviously, the battles mascot, who arrived in Mists of Pandaria will continue to be supported in Warlords of Draenor, and even after the expansion, it is something very popular. So I would say that this is our philosophy, but it's not exactly how it will happen. But definitely create functionality with this in mind. That is why the followers come only from Draenor, you can not followers of Stormwind or Orgrimmar, because if that proseguisse for another expansion, it would be something very strange, like, 'because I have these followers?', But if they are all Draenor, is something more cohesive and correct when we need to leave, just as we did with the farm, since it is fixed in Pandaria.

    And one last question ... how Garrisons are our house / base on Draenor, is there any plan we receive an transmog NPC, or something to free up more space in our bags?

    Well, I think the UI features we add will really open up a lot of space in the bags, you know the Toy Box ?

    Yes, yes. But still, I have several sets of transmog.

    Ok, so you need something more like the Safe Ethereal or something. You know, we had a feature we wanted to do in Warlords of Draneor, talked a lot about it in public, we were thinking about how to do it in a patch or another expansion, which is a way to convert our system so transmog you keep all visual, I think we talked about it ba BlizzCon last year, which was one of the things we wanted to do. And it is something that we really wanted to do, Diablo 3 did it wonderfully in Reaper they have a very similar functionality with that. But while she does not come out, try to do everything possible creating the Toy Box, expanding the Safe Ethereal, ensuring that items are not left on their missions scholarships, increased the size of the stacks of items by profession, you can use them straight from the bank, and I believe we could open a considerable amount of space, but we know that our collectors still need more.

    Yes, plenty of space. The toy box is great, I'm not complaining, it would only be good to have more space. Well, guess that's it. I had a question about the followers you already answered ...

    Okay ..

    Oh, can I ask one more question? We did not talk about PvP. Will have an advantage in PvP for players who uparem their garrisons?

    That's a great question, yes, we have a specific building, called Sanctuary Gladiator. And all this building is built around PvP. And that means that in constructing this building you get missions to kill other players around the world, and to complete this mission you open what is called "Sequence of Missions Nemesis", where you choose a race and players must hunt this specific breed. And when you complete this second part of the
    mission you will open the Arena of the Gladiators, where you must fight against other players to death. When you win this fight, you get a huge amount of coins PvP, and a really cool title. And this building was totally created for players who really like PvP.

    So this "Nemesis race" is something like ... I'll have to hunt every Human on Draenor?

    Yes, that is exactly.

    WoW, and that's cool!

    Yes, after you do the first mission to kill a certain number of players around the world, all Nemesis will be available for your faction, so let's say you're an Orc, and wants to hunt gnomes. Then you will actually hunt them, and have the ability to track Gnomes the world, so I can kill them. You get the ability to track, as hunters have, you know? Then you must kill a certain number of gnomes around the world, and that is how you end the chain of missions.

    This is really cool! Well, that's it! I believe that our time is running out.

    Well, no problems were great questions.

    Ok, thank you very much for talking with us!
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    I can't wait to hunt down gnomes.
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