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    When is enough enough (mount farming)

    Hey fellas,

    So I have been running weekly Tempest Keep runs for about a year now, it started off on one toon and now I'm up to running it on 5 toons every reset.

    I am starting to think maybe i should just hang up my boots and give up as I don't think I am ever going to get this mount at this rate.

    Have you had an experience like this when it comes to farming mounts that you just gave up on ever getting them?

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    Got my Alar mount on my first try, sorry buddy. I would gladly exchange it for Mim's head/Invincible though.

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    i unfortunately got a second alar while doing transmog/pet runs on my alts :/ best of luck to you bud

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    the onyxian drake mount from onyxia is the only drake mount i need for the achievement, ive been farming it on 4 toons for over 2 years...

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    Yeah, I was running TK pretty frequently on my main. No luck. before long I brought my alts in, whichupped my attempts per week , but also killed my morale even more. Doing it week after week on multiple chars and with nothing to show for it, made me just up and stop.

    I honestly didn't want the mount THAT bad, and I'm ok with letting it go for now. Perhaps I'll get the motivation to go for it again, but right now, no thanks. I'm out.

    One grind stopped, only to replaced with another. Now I'm after Malygos and panther. Got two blue drakes over the course of a week. Just need that azure now!
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    I give up as soon as it stops being fun to try for it

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    I killed Baron Rivendare well over 1000 times over the past several years and only got the mount about 3 months ago....

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    It'll drop, keep at it!

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    I got it looking for xmog gear.
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    Enough is enough once I have it. I was running Attumen 19 times a week by the time Midnight dropped

    Sometimes I'll take breaks from mount farming, usually coincides with patch drops and what not, but if I want it, I don't stop, you ain't never gonna get it if you don't make the kill.

    As time goes by you get quicker too, so it's "wasting" less of your time.

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    It took me like 4 years to get my Fiery Horseman's Reins, but got Alar on 2nd visit to Tempest Keep, my advice on mount farming. Is be consistent until you feel like you do now. Then take a break, farm something else focus on something else, just get out of the rut. Later on come back fresh and keep at it. You'll get it eventually.
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    My gf is a mount farmer. The lesson Ive learned while helping her is, dont give up. One day, when you least expect it, BAM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darknessxpersists View Post
    I killed Baron Rivendare well over 1000 times over the past several years and only got the mount about 3 months ago....
    Thiiiiiis... except subtract the "got the mount" part. I hates the Baron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamb Mine View Post
    Thiiiiiis... except subtract the "got the mount" part. I hates the Baron.
    RNG strikes again!

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    I had been farming for Ashes since BC and just recently got it. I was farming Firelands on my mage for her cinders and got the Alys mount and decided to head over to TK and sure enough it was a phoenix night, Ashes dropped. The next day I ran Ony on my pally and the drake dropped. I think I blew all my luck and nothing else will drop...

    I was going to stop farming honestly until the Alys drop. Keep trying!

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    Mount farming is one of those things that's always there for you to do when you want to mindlessly kill stuff for a purpose, whether it's the blue proto drake, ashes, anzu, etc. I'd say it's never enough.

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    As you know and everyone say its just RNG, instead I suggest that you sit down and think if you consider it too common of a mount already.
    In that case hang up your boots, if notkeep trying and maybe cut down on the number of toons or do it every 2nd week or so.

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    The RNG can be quite annoying. Doing Alar farming for a year now but with no luck. someday...

    Recently I walked into Firelands 10m normal for the first time ever. Ragnaros dies.... mount drops. I was really happy.
    Next stop: Throne of Four Winds 10m normal for the first time ever. Al'Akir dies.... Mount drops. Freaked me out.
    Probably jinxed it now for myself for all of eternity as in never getting a mount to drop again, but at least got 2 nice ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delicioussandwhiches View Post
    RNG strikes again!
    As obvious as it gets - RNG issues at its best. I did few runs before stat squish but it couldn't be named serious farming. After stat squish I did 2 runs with 8 characters. A'lar dropped on the 3rd reset, 3rd character; looks like got it ~20th run (not counting any previous, should add another 10 or so). Honestly? This mount looks better on someone. Used it a few times and now it's just a tick "completed" on my to-get mount list. And I was really hyped before drop.

    Still haven't got Vampire Horsie from Kara tho. RNG likes to toy with some people more than with others. I had really long run with blue proto drake ftom Utgarde (2,5 yrs) and even longer for spectral bear (Hunter pet) from Grizzly Hills, and still haven't seen Loque'nahak.

    Anyway - my advise: take a brake and try to relax a bit. The more you frustrate with no drop the worse it gets when you have to repeat instance (right, Baron Rivendare?)

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    ive been farming kara for as long as i can remember now :P
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