View Poll Results: Which is your favorite "special" starting zone?

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  • Archerus, the Ebon Hold

    38 46.34%
  • Wandering Isle

    16 19.51%
  • Gilneas/Kezan Isles

    28 34.15%
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    Wanderings Isle was an amazing starting zone. I really like that zone, but i like Gilneas even more. The story of Gilneas is bit stronger then Wandering Isle. It also fits the Warcraft lore a bit better. On Wandering Isle i didn't had the idea i was playing Warcraft i must say.

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    Wandering isle was nicely done - no quests there simply for the sake of it, all story-driven leading you up to the big decision.

    Gilenas started extremely well but then got bogged down in routine quests for the second half before finishing well

    Kezan - Again, the gimicky start worked for Goblins, the effects were great and largely the story moved on decently

    Archerus - Still great, even now, despite newer "starting" zones benefiting form upgraded tech and ideas

    Bloodmyst/Azuremyst Isles - Great at the time, really good stories, slightly too long and too isolated though imo from the main game world and other races. Playing them again now makes them feel very TBC (a little bit grindy and too many quests for the sake of quests)

    Eversong Woods/Ghostlands - Loved the faction in Ghostlands, made completing the zone really feel worth it for the rewards. I think this should happen in more zones. Both per above suffer from length now compared to others.

    Lots to love about them all though, they are all great zones. I voted Archerus

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    I wish you'd split up Kezan and Gilneas, I loved Gilneas but I hated Kezan.

    1. Gilneas
    2. Wandering Isle
    3. Archerus, the Ebon Hold
    4. Kezan

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    Acherus, hands down

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    Acherus. It felt more tense and I liked the way it progressed ending with the battle for light's hope chapel. Gilneas was a bit meh for me, I didn't care all that much. Kezan and the lost isles take too long with no way of leaving before they're done. With heirlooms you have to turn in greys for an hour just to get off the fucking thing. The jokes aren't my type of humour. I preferred the Wandering Isle but not by much really. It looks nice but there's no where near the complete feeling of acherus or the fun of jumping in with a more complete list of abilities.

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    Kezan was meh, but I loved the experience of Lost Isles. Truly felt like you were stranded, lost, confused, and battling for survival.

    Wandering Isle for me dragged on. I don't know why, maybe it was just the monk class at early levels (all I've ever done there) but the zone seemed to take much longer than I'd want.
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    Lost Isles is best out of those. Acherus is dull as hell, and I only tried Wandering Isle on the Beta. Gilneas is pretty great too though, I just like the bright green look of Lost Isles more.

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    When DK's were new, the area and the final of the questline was massively epic, unlike anything we had seen before.

    It get's boring if you do it again, but the same applies generally to most things, but the very first time you did it, it was like woah...

    It gets my vote.

    Shows the difference in WoW now, people were amazed, myself included, that we got a tabard for the draenai area, HOLY SHIT A NEW TABARD AT LEVEL 20? OMG?!, now it would be just like "Oh cool, fits with my armour" or "Meh, never going to wear it looks awful".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoncurry View Post
    Iono what to tell you man, the Draenai starting zone was absolutely fantastic. I still have the tabard of the hand that I got after putting in all that work haha.
    That's my favorite as well. The story and the music were awesome.

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