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    whats there to research? people dont make guide videos for how to do a fight on LFR

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemanaleft View Post
    whats there to research? people dont make guide videos for how to do a fight on LFR
    You can watch videos from Normal Mode, though, just tune it down a little and you're fine. Also, you could check your dungeon journal.

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    As a tank, I have no choice but to do it

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    Somewhat. I tank so I have to know very vaguely what is going on. I don't know what most of the spells and stuff do but I know anything important to me. For example, I did Malkorok for the first time this week knowing only that he gives the tanks stacks. I simply whispered the other tank asking how many stacks to swap and we were away, 1 shotted the boss quite easily. I imagine this to be harder for some than others, I've had a lot of years tanking experience, but some things like this shouldn't be beyond most people.
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    with dbm istalled there is nothing to research on almost all lfr fights, probably only garrosh and doromu require someone to know the tactic; but in general everytime someone does shitty thing in lfr is:

    a)dbm not installed or badly configured ui
    b)shitty pc or connection
    c)doing it on purpuse
    d)tabbed out of the game
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    I find it funny that a lot of people in this thread are the ones I see complaining about how bad your average LFR players are for not knowing mechanics in other threads and yet, they're the ones who go in blind.

    Quote Originally Posted by PetersenIII View Post
    Yeah, because wipes never turn out bad in LFR.

    Oh wait, there was just a thread where a bunch of drama started up over the tank not knowing a fight. There was a massive thread a few days ago where people were complaining about the overall toxicity of players LFR.

    Personally, I don't really care either way. I don't mind wiping. However, a lot of other players do.

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    You should have specified the roles. I don't research as ranged DPS, as it's generally just stay out of shit and kill adds first and following the lead of other dps is usually enough anyway. I do research as healer, to know what kind of damage I can expect (spikes, AoE). I would research as tank to, if I would ever tank.
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    Up to this day, I have not had the need to study LFR before hand.
    Done my first runs as either melee dps or a tank.

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    I do most of the time the first or second time I've done it. Sometimes I forget then just wing it.

    Since DBM is so concise, and LFR is so forgiving, just paying attention to raid warning is normally enough to get by (as DPS at least) if you forget to read up in LFR.

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    I don't, but I've been playing MMOs since 1997 so I have a good feel of the encounter just by reading the quick little Dungeon Journal thing.
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    Well if you've played for as long as most of us have, fight mechanics are second nature and you pretty much know all of them by the second wipe.

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    I tend to normal before LFR, so no need.
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    Always get an overview for fights i haven't done in normal, as a tank its essential at least you know basic positioning and raid wiping mechanics, for example:

    Lei-shen - if you don't know how pillar overloads work, you wipe the raid
    Galkaras - if you don't know you have to go up tower to tank, you wipe the raid (dps and healers good to come, but i can solo a tower in worse case scenerio)
    Dark Shamans -If you don't know to place the foul slime's from geyser and ashen walls away from the raid and kite the boss from them, you wipe the raid
    Nazgrim - If you don't know to keep the shamans away from the boss so they don't heal him, you (eventually) wipe the raid to enrage!
    etc, etc etc

    Now a lot of this might be nerfed since it came out but these are just some of the reasons that a tank, if no-one else needs to some some basic research into fights before going in for the first time. watching a 4 minute video is enough, hardly "work" to do.

    just to add, as a DPS or healer knowing tactics isn't really needed just do as much dps and hps as you can (simplified i know but true for LFR)
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    Given how many times I've become horribly unstuck by following the strategy in LFR; for example stacking on Blademaster, explaining things to be told "STFU NOOB ITS LFR LOL!!!!!!!!" I would not recommend reading up on, or demonstrating any prior knowledge of an encounter in LFR.

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    I look up a text version and do a quick read over. I'm not there to break records, but I get more enjoyment out of executing a fight I understand.
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    I'll usually try and watch a video before my first time on one =)

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    Speaking as a healer who started being more active during LoTK I try and at least look up boss abilities and what I have to be ready to react to with them before I even do LFR. Admittedly part of this is because I'm a 10 man raider, but it also goes back to the early xpacs where I knew if I pugged into a group I had to either know the basics of the fight or be kicked and replaced quickly. Sadly I've kept that mindset even with the birth of LFR which usually ends up with me wanting to tear my hair out when people refuse to do basics in a LFR after multiple wipes and people even telling them what not to do. Prime example: Nazgrim during his first couple of weeks when despite multiple people yelling in LFR raid chat to not attack the boss during defensive stance, people still attacked him during defensive stance. /cry

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    I research the fights for normal, then I ignore almost all the mechanics in LFR

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    I only research the fight if I have to tank and I didn't do it on another difficulty before. Judging by how people perform in LFR, I doubt most people even research basic stuff about their character.

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    Honestly I rarely can be bothered with research these days. In LFR on a new tier there will always be a stupidly high number of wipes no matter how much you swat up.

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