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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumatran View Post
    Just curious how many people do this.
    I'm one who does actually learn what the fights do before I go. However, I do regular raiding in addition to LFRs on alts.

    The last couple of months, since SoO came out, literally every single LFR I have joined, at least one of the two tanks says "tell me about this fight, I've never done it". THAT is annoying. Tanking, like it or not, is a special role that requires a bit of knowledge and leadership. Nothing more annoying than a tank in PvP gear asking for instructions every single pull.

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    I research it by doing it on normal first.

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    I used to read the "5 minutes" guide. I like to see my name as high as possible in recount, while not dying like an idiot

    I almost never watch boss videos, 99.99% of them are on high speed, low resolution and have the most retarded music ever concocted by the human brain, I can't actually understand anything from them.

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    I did flex before lfr every week when a new part came out this week, so I suppose one could say I researched the fights. As a dps I never prepare for lfr though, as tank/healer I skim through dungeon journal after the tank/healing icon.

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    Nope, no need. I go in and just by looking at what's going on you can tell what to do, providing you have a brain.

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