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    "Look, I can beat everyone in PVP because I bought a helmet with fiery horns!"
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annoying View Post
    Yeah, but getting a few weeks of head start on gearing due to the speed you level is kinda p2w. Think of it in the context of a new expac. There's a race to "win" world first raid boss kills. Those who can get to max level faster can get more attempts on the bosses than those who don't pay to get to max level faster. Hopefully this is considered when/if the boost goes live.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fleugen View Post
    I don't see how you don't understand that based on the post you quoted.

    In the world first race, there are two extremely important factors: Your raid comp, and how fast you get into the raid. If your group levels one of every character to max, you WILL have a better chance of downing bosses, because you can swap out to any class at will, and every class has a boon it brings to the raid. What stops it is the time it takes to level. The time it takes to level is better spent on raiding in the race for world first. Speed up the leveling process and you'll make it more necessary than anything to buy the XP potion so you can have one of every class at max for the race.

    Not to mention multiple characters = multiple raids, and multiple raids = feeding gear to someone who doesn't have a character with good gear. Which makes the race that much faster.

    The monthly sub fee argument has been beaten to the ground a thousand times. Your sub fee allows you to access the content; Nothing bars you from accessing the content. I pay the same $60 for the game on Xbox as the guy who played it for 500 hours since the day it came out, found all the perks and bonuses, and successfully completed the game on the hardest difficulty; Am I entitled to every perk he has and every bit of skill just because I paid my $60? No, I have to play the game to get it. And he'd be pretty pissed off if I was able to buy it all after he worked for it.
    Both of these posts are pretty much invalidated as soon as you remember that Blizzard are holding back the release of raids for at least a week. For the sole reason of letting people take their time and enjoy the leveling/gearing process before they have to worry over raids.

    So even with an XP boost (which still isn't P2W), they have no advantage over anyone else. Though I'm sure you'll now tell me that "Oh, they can get in heroics faster to gear for raids!". No... just stop

    There is also the fact that any raiding guild that is serious about trying for world first will ALL get whatever kind of advantage they can. You would never see a serious world first guild not buying themselves an advantage while the other 3/4 are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzaman View Post
    I wonder what I won by buying almost all Blizzard store mounts & companions.
    I only ever buy pets or mounts from the blizz store when they are doing charity events so I might be paying to win good karma? Maybe?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruargh
    I'm baffled that something this simple can be so hard for some people... I guess we can't blame blizzard for dumbing down the game any longer, because apparently it very much needed :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzaman View Post
    I wonder what I won by buying almost all Blizzard store mounts & companions.
    A large chunk of the only kind of rewards WoW offers that are permanent?

    edit: less true now that transmog exists of course.
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    It is not a matter of "winning." That word has been twisted around so much that it has lost its meaning; and it didn't have much of an appropriate one to begin with.

    What it is, is a matter of "paying to advance." And yes, that can be thought of as unfair. In a game where the player has to pay to purchase a game license; pay additionally, and far more frequently, to have access to servers to use said license; to have to pay some (a lot) more for access to items and buffs in the game is awkward.

    This may seem weird in a forum populated by players that focus mostly on high-performance-requiring activities (where even completing the normal mode of a raid dungeon while it is current content is considered far above average performance, just check the numbers of players), but the quite small minority of players focusing around two main activities in the game are not representative of the overall community's gameplay. Advancing is not just about gear, arena ladder rank, and raid-dungeon completion ladders. It is also about questing, exploring, collecting, and playing around. There are lots of players that couldn't give less of a care about their gear's item level; but they do care about collecting all available pets for example. To have pets exclusively available to the in-game store is "paying to advance" to them. And a dastardly one at that, since there is no way they can ever get these pets through their in-game effort. That is what "pay to advance" is, and it is quite real.

    It's a dream come true from a business stand-point; they just make money out of almost nothing; it goes on to show just why corporations can do the things they do: there are a lot of people, with next-to-no-sense of money's worth or the desire to spend extra money on anything but themselves like donate them, or save, or really anything constructive. Actually a lot don't even have that much money, just the habit to spend. Additionally in gaming things have become exceptionally twisted, to the point where having fun playing is not as important as "winning" ("winning" in this case being of the Charlie Sheen when he had his weird period variety) for so many people it's disheartening. What is more people are so malleable in their videogaming spending when it comes to micro-transactions, due to the low cost of each instalment; they just don't notice the pile-up until the final bill arrives, when they proceed to go buy some more shinies to wash away the frustration. This is ideal for videogame-related businessmen. Having money thrown at you no matter the stupidity/uselessness/blatant-money-grabbing nature of your ventures is amazing. Just ask Apple.

    Videogame companies can of course do whatever they want. It's their properties. But it is not fine. No way it is fine. In a game with such costs and the promise at the very heart of the ethics of a company such as Blizzard:, it is certainly not fine. Activision-Blizzard's executives could give lectures on how to milk the herds of too-lazy/rich-to-think/try players and have them say "thank you" at the same time. It's so disheartening, the pathetic state of passive-all-devouring consumerism that prevails in so many people's minds, and they know about it, and take advantage of it. "Lead responsibly" my ass. The game presents multiple activities to players; and each player chooses some of them to take on. When there is, even the slightest, advantage, much less advance offer, in exchange for money, it dilutes the gaming experience in an unfair way. There is nothing complicated about it. They are ripping people off because they can and even get asked to, and their so-called "in high esteem" morals are just for show because the executives that run the place couldn't care less about such trivialities.
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