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    sending heirlooms...

    So I'm Trying to send some heirlooms from a character on Auchindoun to Shattered Halls...
    It doesnt seem to be working :S
    I thought the patch was out this week! D:

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    Only to realms that are linked to your realm with CRZ, so not random realms.
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    In the past expansion I was always some minor character while Metzen did everything.

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    Oh I see... that Sucks. I thought it was to all realms :/
    Thanks anyway! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Only to realms that are linked to your realm with CRZ, so not random realms.
    Not true I have personally sent items between Illidan and Aerie Peak. Since they are in different data centers and one is PVE and the other PVP they are definitely not crossrealmed

    To send boas cross realm you have to put the character name then a - followed by the server name.
    So let's say I'm sending something to Bob on Aerie Peak. I would put in Bob-Aerie Peak or Bob-AeriePeak
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    Ah so no space between bob and the "-" this might be where ive been going wrong!!!

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    What kcsaenz said. Just type it as -ShatteredHalls to send it. It is not CRZ related. That worked for me sending to Kirin Tor. I just send to xxx-KirinTor

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    If you want to send BoAs across all you need to do is spell your toon name exactly as it is. For me I sent some heirlooms to my low level horde toons. Example being Anilei-thesha'tar as the recipient. Make sure you have the server name directly linked no spaces anywhere. Hope it helps

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    Thanks guys! i was doing Foxwillfixit - Shattered Halls (my mistake being the space... I derped)
    <3 <3

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