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    Some basic questions about Shadow


    So I'm fairly new to shadowpriest and I got a few = questions:

    - Refresh VT and SW:P when they're on 1 second or when they're completely off ?
    - Should I reply dots when my haste and/or int trinket procs?
    - Should I use Halo on a single target and should I use it everytime it's off cd ?
    - Do both the SW's take prio over everything else or just the first one because of an orb?
    - Should I stop mindflay to cast MB if I'm able to?

    Thanks in advance !

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    1- Just look at ur casting speed, and make sure you are going to hit it when they are about to fall off.When i have like 5 or 4 seconds left and I have my 3 orbs ready I might redot just to have everything rolling at the same time)
    2-Just follow your normal rotation, and redot stuff when your procs are going to fall off, so you get the best damage out of your dots.(full duration just before the procs lets you have them do damage as if you had the trinket)
    3-Personally I dont use halo, isn't cascade better for pve?, i am using Divine Star, haven't specced after it with the nerf.
    4- Insanity? the icon fucks it up. I am getting 3 full mindflays off while Dp is active, when a procs comes up My insanity takes prio fer sure.
    5- Depends , but mostly yea (dispels etc)

    pve version might be different to the maximum uptime on some of your spells, hope this helped abit.
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    This'll answer most of your questions:


    Specifically: http://www.icy-veins.com/shadow-prie...bilities#sec-5

    1) Yes to the first.
    2) Yes
    3) Yes
    4) First SWP is priority. Second SWP I believe is only higher than Mind Flay on priority.
    5) Yes

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    1) Refresh before they fall off.
    2) Depends on how strong the procs are. Affdots is a good tool to track those types of things.
    3) Use Halo on CD unless there are moments during the fight with a lot of adds(I.E Dark Shaman/Nazgrim). Be sure to be at optimal range if you can as well.
    4) Shadow Word: Death becomes priority when it's available, even over Mind Flay: Insanity. And yes, double tap it.
    5) Mind Blast on CD is always priority, even during Insanity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerbz View Post
    Be sure to be at optimal range if you can as well.
    Is there any AddOn or such which would help to tell when you are at optimal range / where this spot would be?
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    Take a look at an addon called HaloPro. Optimal range is 25 yards. Damage will decrease at shorter or longer ranges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Take a look at an addon called HaloPro. Optimal range is 25 yards. Damage will decrease at shorter or longer ranges.
    Thanks, seems useful.
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    You would probably also want to make use of Affdots, with the Priest plugin installed.

    Currently, maximizing dot power is essential in playing Shadow efficiently. So Affdots is pretty much a staple in every Shadow Priest's UI

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