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    Man, wow is so fucking boring.

    You enter the game after a year of being utterly disgusting by it and what do you find?

    The same grinding: you have to grind like a little bitch until you enter the highest level and then you are utterly bored on and the only thing that remains is to grind for minuscule improvements. If people playing this game had any self respect they would realize the fatality of the effort and they would play a competitive game instead that doesn't require grinding for sucking the cock of blizzard with monthly fees, at least though wow is dying now, worse popularity since vanilla, it's back to pre-TBC era numbers, good riddance.

    To the rest of you, unless you are little children or beginners, you have no excuse. If you play this game for more than 3 expansions and you are still in it you are pathetic. I hope you are mongoloid autists, that would make some sense.

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    Looks like someone got banned!
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    *Guy has wow avatar*

    *Thinks wow sucks*

    <3 the irony is so delicious.

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    have played for the most part since vanilla, migrated server recently and tried to raid with ppl on my own native language, did not help, im so bored with this game, i think i will do myself a solid and not buy the xpac.

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    cool story bro. It sounds like you have close personal experience with this. No need to be angry at yourself and take it out on the nameless masses to feel better. It's ok if you don't like the game. I used to be an addict for 5 years. Now I'm not. Some like to play the game with friends, and not the game itself.

    PS: competitive gaming is fun sometimes, but I can't see the point of taking something you love, and forcing yourself to "work" all the time. Enjoy the ride, sometimes, man. Go crazy and don't think about the future, just live in the now!

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    I do not promote pedophilia, however I find the Pedobear character to be amusing and funny.

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    hmm.... ok.... bye.

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    Enjoy your ban from the MMO-C forrums dude, and your attitude is just poisonous, any game is better off with out that type of attitude.

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    People who use the word autist / autistic as an insult


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    Closing for obvious reasons. Don't make pointless bashing threads please.

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