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    I'm a little torn on this, only really because of the cost associated.

    $25 is a little steep for a mount imho. If they dropped to $15 I could consider it. Dunno, something about digital items that as OP has stated could have been drops costing that kind of cash is a bit absurd. But, I guess to each their own ^^

    Figure, the pets on sale for $5 I can totally do. Yes, I am aware of the mounts being on sale too. I'm waiting for the sprite dragon to go on sale before I buy it.

    Not really like these mounts/pets are affecting gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rda View Post
    Not sure if you are serious.

    I mean, you want them to work on ways to make you pay them more? If we didn't pay a sub and you wanted them to develop, say, more new expansions which we'd then buy, then I'd understand, but we do have a sub, so I am a bit puzzled about the desire to pay more via the store...
    I agree with him, but not so they add more ways for me to pay more. I never bought anything from their shop, and never will, but if this is a good way for them to earn more and reinvest what they gain in content/other games, I'm all for it, as long as this doesn't break the game and become p2w of course. (well, it kind of did for people who do pet battles, that's the only thing I'd criticize about it)

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