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    Additional Talent Trees - For professions, loot, and more.

    What ho,

    So we know there won't be a new class in Warlords of Draenor - nor are there plans for a fourth talent tree in the foreseeable future.
    But we still want new ways of customising our characters to our desired play-styles, right? So why not instead focus on other forms of customisation that impacts play-style, but not combat.

    I propose a new set of talent trees implemented which deal with secondary bonuses to professions, treasure hunting, and more. These should be relatively easy to balance and would be great additions to the game. Like current talent trees, there ought to be a new tier every 15th levels or so.

    Craftsman Talents
    Let's you specialise in different tasks to do with crafting, gathering, and so on. Are you the guild alchemist or a master miner going at it alone for great riches?

    Treasure Hunter Talents
    Let's you specialise in different ways of obtaining more loot. Do you prefer gaining your loot alone or in groups; via farming, dungeons and Currency Points, or raids?

    Pathfinder Talents
    Let's you specialise in different ways of transportation, such as sacrificing a little bit of flying for better riding. Would you choose a second Hearthstone over a 100% run speed increase while dead?

    I've just given you the general idea here. I have a bunch of ideas for specific talents, but figured I'd see what people feel before I invest more time on it.

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    It's an interesting idea. I'm not really excited about it though.

    Would these be permanent choices, or would people be swapping to whatever was best all the time?
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    Definitely an interesting prospect. But you'd definitely have to make them more "fun" based talents than game breaking ones. Things like the alchemist transmute, potion, or flask specializations is a good place to start as examples. However its important to not go overboard like back in Vanilla-BC with a level of specialization such as Blacksmithing's Armorsmithing Vs Weaponsmithing.

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    Sounds good.

    I'm all for more customization.

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    Meh. Not sure. I'm not a big fan of changes. It doesn't sound horrible.

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    Customization has been an age old method in rpgs for character immersion/specialization. I'm 100% down!
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    I'd love this.

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    But will they be balanced for pvp and pve

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    this sounds kind of like profession trees, horde main
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    Sounds like what Wildstar is adding into their game from what i heard.

    I'm up for anything that adds some complexity to crafting or random adventures. Much like the Elder Scrolls Single Player Series.

    so to bring something I love in other games, into a game i already love, sounds like a fucking fantastic idea to me
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    I appreciate the comments and feedback. Seems like it's not a hot topic, but that those who do care about it are generally positive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire5714 View Post
    But will they be balanced for pvp and pve
    The idea is that they won't have an impact on PvE and PvP, in the sense that they would enhance your combat abilities or stats.

    What they could do, however, is let you as an alchemist craft flasks a bit more efficiently for your guild's raid.
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