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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post
    People in this thread are missing the point. Low level pvp is isn't terrible because of gear or boa's. It's awful because the way each classes abilities scale as they level and the way the talent system works. When they took out all of the skill ranks for each skill in cataclysm and added the whole "pick your spec" option at level 10, this basically fucked up the overall balance number wise. Cataclysm and on we literally receive passive bonuses that normally your spec wouldn't receive until level 50ish.

    This is why you have stupid shit like Ret Paladins being able to heal to full with one word of glory at level 30. This is why you have stupid shit like Warrior shield slam, Warrior revenge one shotting people. You can make a long list of broken retarded abilities some classes have at low levels. And the reason they're broken is because there's no skill ranks and every passive talent you needed to work your way to get prior to cataclysm is given to you very early.

    I'm not going to sit here and act like pre cataclysm low level pvp was balanced either. It wasn't. But it was a lot better than the shit we have now.
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    The changes to talent trees didn't effect ranks. During early cata beta healers were down ranking there spells to 80 because everything past that got its mana cost increased. People were abusing ranks to avoid going oom so blizzard removed them in the beta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redlikemyrage View Post
    I know that low level BGs are imbalanced, and most people shouldn't take them seriously.
    That is a fundamental misconception! Most players never reach max level, so the BGs of low level are the "endgame" content for the majority of players. Blizzard should really focus more on this to get starting players in.
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    Definitely. Maybe a 5% or 10% increase in xp for every character above 80 or something. And then you can toggle the buff on or off by talking to a guy like the guy who locks your experience.
    This is a neat idea, but it's hard to see it implemented now, it's too late.
    They just need to scale down gear in BGs as is now at level 90.
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    If your average low level pvper is without a guild or playing with a friend that i guess it is a very real possibility that they may move away from pvp. But i feel they will eventually try it again at a different level and work out that low level pvp is just that way.

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