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    The Sha'tar - EU horde. I love my server, while I do have two alts on Argent Dawn - EU, the big big rp server, absolute majority of my characters is on Sha'tar. It is a pretty dead server, 130 players online on horde side at peak times, slightly more on alliance. I think the ''on paper'' ratio of alliance and horde is something like 1:0.6, favoring alliance, but in reality it is closer than that
    It is a tiny rp realm and I love the community. People are nice, you roughly know who everyone is. I've been on that server for about 5-6 years and I am not planning to move from it
    Hehe, I remember my adventure on Sha'tar. Played on alliance side, for 2 years, as a druid (feral tank/dps). That's true, very low population but the advantage was you knew everyone Was really fun - there was that one guild I raided in for 3 months, Obscure. Really fun people, with a serious but relaxed approach, loved raiding with them

    Now I'm on Twisting Nether - EU. One of the biggest horde realms. Queues are annoying and I'm afraid the expansion release will be a fucking mess, but overall it's fun. There is never a shortage of anything on AH and tons of pugs.

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    I have characters on (US servers) Illidan (Horde), Area 52 (Horde) and Lightbringer (Alliance). I also have a level 60 character on Moon Guard (Alliance) that I never log onto anymore.

    Generally speaking, I prefer Area 52 over the other servers, even over Illidan by a small margin. Lightbringer used to be amazing, great progression, nice community, but it started dying sometime during Cataclysm...even though it's a high-pop server, it just doesn't seem as active as it used to be. My alts there are for the most part remain untouched this expansion. Area 52 is always active, most of the trade chat spam is in English (unlike on Illidan) and the community is decent.

    Moon Guard was just a massive disappointment. I made a night elf priest for RP purposes (since I really enjoy nelf lore), but I abandoned that character mostly due to all the trolling there, trade chat was horrendous. Also, there seemed to be a lot of people into ERP as evidenced by their MyRoleplay profiles...even if you completely avoided Goldshire :P Moon Guard's server forums are decent, though.

    I think it's a rare server that has a decent Horde-Alliance balance.

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    US realms here.... Area 52 (Horde), Stormrage (Alliance)
    Both are imbalanced in ratio, with Alliance outnumbering Horde on Stormrage even more than Horde outnumbering Alliance on Area 52.
    Stormrage is higher populated than A52, I can tell by the queue times during the evening/night times.
    With both realms being PVE realms the ratio is pretty much of a non issue, unless of course you are in the minority faction, and try to get a world boss kill in.

    I've used to be on The Scryers realm back in the days, and I dearly miss it. Unfortunately the realm became so dead, it wasn't funny anymore.
    It was never over populated, but still quite full of life. And the community there was the best I've ever experienced. Server trolls had no chance to get a foot down at all. The realm policed itself just perfect. Blacklisting was effective, and the community had a high emphasis on treating each other rather friendly and polite.
    Basically the opposite of what A52 and SR are today. Both realms are filled with jerks left and right.
    Left the scryers too for good, after trying it to stay there for some time. But I finally didn't like to be constantly reminded of living/playing in a void.

    By now I gave up to find a new realm that's anywhere close to what Scryers was. I think the times changed, the community changed. And such just doesn't exist anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elementalkin View Post
    I moved from Greymane to Aerie Peak a while back, to get away from non-english speaking people, retards, and combinations thereof in my group queues. I was successful on both accounts, but unfortunately, Aerie Peak seems to have a negative reputation associated with it which I was unaware of prior. I kinda want to re-roll elsewhere just to get away from the stigma, but leveling is just so damn tedious, not to mention the RNG involved in re-farming some of my BiS gear. Plus, I may have to re-roll again anyway, when the new character models come out.
    What negative stigma exactly? Just curious...

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    I've been on three. Horde all the way.

    I started on Darkspear back when it was majority Horde. This was tail end of Wrath before all the PVPers started moving to Alliance to be around Swifty all the time. It It was pretty bad. The only positive was constantly winning Wintergrasp, but just about everything else was terrible. There was a reason we were known as Dramaspear. Trade chat, bleh.

    I then moved over to Crushridge with my guild, which was alright, but the server ended up dying over the course of Cata. When I saw it was getting connected with other realms recently, I ended up laughing to myself a bit, since it confirmed what I'd known before I left. Wasn't a bad server by any means, it was just dead as hell.

    At the tail end of Cata I moved to Thrall where I still am. I'd say it's the best server I've been on, probably not for Alliance but for Horde it's great. High pop, friendly community, trade chat isn't full of dummies all the time (there are moments, but that's true of every server). Also PVE server which I've found I enjoy a lot more than PVP servers.

    So bad -> dead -> good.

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    EU Outland has the best WPvP for expansions now
    EU ~ Outland

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    Argent Dawn EU, and no, not really, it still stinks of elitism from older expansions, though the smell isn't quite as putrid as it was in WOTLK.

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    I'm on Detheroc. That server used to be great, back in Burning Crusade. It had a few very high ranking PvE guilds, and some of the best PvP players in the world, some of which are still competing in major tournaments. It was also almost dead even in faction population, and had very active world PvP on both sides.

    But the arena players transferred off to be on BG 9, and the PvE guilds either transferred or disbanded, and after that it slowly died, for Alliance more than Horde. Before the recent realm mergers, Detheroc would sometimes have maybe 15 to 20 Horde in prime hours, and as little as 3 Alliance. Late at night, sometimes it'd be single digit Horde and no Alliance at all.

    Now with the realm mergers happening, it's no longer dead. It's still only got about a third the total population of a truly good server like Bleeding Hollow, but still almost five times what it used to have. Unfortunately, it's still not got the best faction balance. Better than it was, but there's still almost twice as many Horde as Alliance. But, it's okay.

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    Sylvanas (EU), hate it. I'm horde side, and it's terrible. rarely any PUGs going, and massively outnumbered by Ally pop... any recommendations? been thinking of rag, but i've heard the queues are pretty bad lately =\

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