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    It's easy to say "just deal with it," but how do players actually do that without re-rolling or going to another server (which doesn't fix the problem)?
    I say "just deal with it" cause there are currently no game mechanics to keep servers balanced. Moreover, devs show no interest in implementing any. Well, should they? How many players are actually eager to have somebody to regularly PvP against outside of BGs and arenas?

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    I believe 99.9% of the population don't care about world pvp, 0.1% is the vocal minority that we see caring about server balance.

    Only people affected by that are people on the low population faction on those servers. Pretty sure nobody on Illidan that is horde will complain about faction balance.

    Now they get a free 90 with WOD, so if they are smart, they will reroll at the right place.

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