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    Armour/Weapon Clipping

    Have the devs said anything about model/armour clipping being fixed with the new models? Weapons going straight through capes for example has been around forever and is something they could address with the new models. Just wondering if we have any actual blue text saying they are looking at this.
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    Let them first fix the dread that is "Tauren dual wielding".
    Would like the weapons to be symetrical.

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    They did mention something at Blizzcon about reducing/eliminating clipping.

    Not sure what to expect though.

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    I want to not look weird wearing a cape on my troll.

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    They did mention that they are trying to implement cloaks to have real physics. Giving them reactions against bones(new models)/wind and everything.

    Perhaps they will give weapons and shields a real physical value, currently they are pretty much just textures tied to your arms.

    They also mentioned having "real" cloaks would be extremely stressing for computers.

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    They said a lot of things about collision with the new models for their hair and beards and cloask and stuff. So those things shouldn't clip. As far as weapons go, i would imagine it's on the list, but I wouldn't get my hopes up about every single weapon/shield combo not clipping. There's a ton of models in this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destruktio View Post
    They did mention that they are trying to implement cloaks to have real physics. Giving them reactions against bones(new models)/wind and everything.
    I think I just wet myself.

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    as a draenei, I can't fucking wait, see how badly shields and 2 handers behave on that race. As for cloaks I don't even mention it, every sane person turn them off.

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    Please this. Fix how trolls hold fist weapons all slanted, and all the clipping issues. PLEASE!!!
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    Don't forget beard clipping.

    If you're a Dwarf, and have a long beard, it usually clips through your belt, if you're wearing a large belt that is.
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    I would expect them to reduce them. But I don't think the physics engine for wow is good enough to fix it all up. Anyone who thinks it would be able to is living in another world.
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    Tell me about it. Only model on the alliance side that looks decent as a hunter is female nelf. EVERYTHING else is glitchy/has stiff animations/has serious clipping.

    Human models having the worst. Which isn't surprising since humans weren't meant to have extensive bow/gun animations as they couldn't be hunters, and no one bothered to update the shitty animations when humans finally became able to be hunters.

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    I personally would love it if my Blood Elf super long eyebrows didn't poke out of the helm's eye sockets.

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    it must suck to have such painfully literal views like this, when it's something obvious like my dwarf beard disappearing it bothers me, but seeing my sword clip into my mount, my imagination "fills in the gaps" essentially and my subconscious just pretends to see things as they would look. Like looking at a Monet painting kinda. I think people just get caught up over "rules" rather than what they actually perceive, or maybe I'm just weird in being able to pretend otherwise when it's not mind glaringly shoving out of my face or something. A shoulder clipping here or a weapon in the cloak there looks pretty much what it would look like barring some tiny tweaks. My mind just fills it in.
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