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    Alternate timeline?

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but during BlizzCon they said "Time travel is always tricky. We're going back in time slightly before Rise of the Horde but once Warlords of Draenor starts, it's like an alternative universe that doesn't affect the present." If that is so and nothing we do back then impacts the future then why should anyone care? I'm not trying to say this is going to be a bad expansion, I'm wicked suped for it. It just seems kind of stupid to have this be in an alternate universe.

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    cause if we don't go back in time too that alternate universe.
    the Iron Horde will come from that universe too ours messing things up.

    so in order too keep things rolling as they should, we go back there too prevent them messing up our timeline.
    their own timeline is at that point already messed up anyway by Garrosh going there. so us screwing it over even more, isn't that much of an issue.

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    There are several posts about this, but basically in their universe Garrosh makes a special Dark Portal that comes back to our universe, and is going to use it to murder all of us with his huge ass army of giant riding orcs. So yeah, the alternate universe concept is just so that we don't like, kill Draka before Thrall is born and have him never be born. It's all done to prevent paradoxs and the other stupid stuff that comes with time travel. The alternate universe concept works, but in the end it's all just a means to an end, they just wanted to get the biggest orc baddasses in history and have them form a rock band of murder the crap out of us in our world, and this lets them do it easily.

    Waiting to rock them like a hurricane,

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    That alternate universe is connected to our present universe, meaning that the Iron Horde plan to come through the portal and smash our faces, thats why this matters.

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    No time traveling involved. Our universe gets connected to theirs. Thats it.

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    They explained that at Blizzcon too. It matters because Garrosh is trying to bring an army that he built up using various means through to OUR timeline to conquer our Azeroth. Remember, this is the effectively the same Horde that almost managed to take over all of the Eastern Kingdoms while tainted by demonic forces and without the benefit of the technology that Garrosh is bringing them. Even with their weaknesses, the original Horde should have beaten the Alliance, and would have if not for some internal betrayals that allowed the Alliance to gain the upper hand in the war. This new and improved version would likely wipe the floor with us, even against the united forces of our Horde and Alliance, should they be allowed to gain a foothold in our world. We are going to Draenor to make sure that does not happen.
    All this complaining is simply further proof that Blizzard could send each and every player a real-life wish-granting flying unicorn carrying a solid gold plate of chocolate chip cookies wrapped in hundred dollar bills, and someone would whine that Blizzard sucks for not letting them choose oatmeal raisin.
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    Ohhh ok now it makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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