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    Blind definitely has my vote for the best, but I had to include Exodar Disco here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    Anything by Lagspike Films, but especially:

    Hope they start putting out vids again soon.
    This one still makes me laugh so hard. So good, the voice acting too is great.

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    Hands down best video

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    Return 2.

    Basically the trailer to the machinima that never was made. Yet this was so hyped ont he forums back in the day. but alas never saw the light of day xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vattenmelon View Post

    1.16.48 go there in the movie.

    Came across this! I would not have been disappointed if the Lich King fight was like this!

    Having these kinds of battles in-game would be amazing.
    Tales of the Past 3 was the best WoW Machinima to ever be created, hands down.

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    How to paladin series.
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    Pat is one of my favourites for sure, but nothing beats:

    Wish upon a paladin... This was the funniest and the most amazing though someone playing wow ever had.
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    My favourite one is The Craft of War: Blind, but as somebody already mentioned it, then I'll pick this one:

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    I really did enjoy "Tales of the Past" series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypasonic View Post
    Sorry but nothing beats:

    Was waiting for someone to link this one. Best WoW video ever. He also has a TimeGnomes series that is funny.

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    Well, at least I got to update my long outdated list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popko View Post
    Hands down best video

    Yeah gotta love the Illegal Danish videos from Myndflame. Arcanite Reaper HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Blue Bear View Post
    Still love "Blind". Wish this guy would make more with the new models coming out. :<
    I love this video, first saw it about a year ago and got addicted to that song.

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