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    Blizzard planned it all along!!! @_@

    you guys i just found the evidence that will blow you aways

    warlords IRONS legplates O_O

    a bc items.

    now what type of item is it? legs. what do all the warlords have? LEGS

    exhibit a. notice all of them have legs except for gul'dan because gul'dan lost his legs in a escalator accident

    what type of legs are they? iron. what is iron? the warlords wills

    exhibit b. notice all the iron wills

    where does the item come from? outlands. what is draenor? like 8 nagrands, whats also in outlands? nagrands

    exhibit c notice all the nagrands

    now what colour are the legs? red and blue. what else is red and blue? horde and alliance. what are horde and alliance? aliens, what else are aliens? orcs. what are all the warlords? orcs. mystery solved.

    Ogres confirmed
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    And Wod is 6 month away....

    27y old. French buisness lawyer. Playing what my friends are playing. Destiny and Wod.

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    Lol This is hilarious XD

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    You missed the most important clue of all...

    All Horde races have one head. All Alliance races have one head. Ogres sometimes have two heads.

    Two plus 1 = 3.

    Half Life 3 confirmed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    If a building's about to collapse, you can debate whether it's better to demolish it or repair it, and you can make political-agenda arguments either way. Disputing gravity itself to claim it won't fall down is not a political position, it's just ignorance.

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    those leggins so sexy on females <3

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    So half life 3 confirmed? /sarcasm

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    job well done my friend... job well done...

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    This solves it all!

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    So what you're saying is Half Life 3 confirmed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadenprince View Post
    Lol This is hilarious XD
    It really is. I will have to read it again later.
    If I fail to respond, it is likely because you've been ignored.

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    don't quit your day job.

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    i was expecting another prince malchezzar thread. i was let down

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    Haha I loved it OP, Good work
    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Stark
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    "exhibit c notice all the nagrands " hahaahhaahahahhaahah damn i lost it there!

    "Day 794: The human imprisoned me in the shackles of fluff once again. Her death will not be swift." ->

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    Yea blizzard does have an over all story in mind for the game. not surprising really.
    what i want to know is what are the events in WOW that lead into the next warcraft game.
    blizzard has been severely side tracked with its cash cow WOW.

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    how the f*ck did we miss this?

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    This is seriously the best thread i have ever seen...

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    This is great. +1
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    It's been a while since I actually lolled at something on MMOC. 10/10 would read again.

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    Surprisingly funny.
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