I'm putting the final word in here, since this thread is more annoying to read than a Dan Brown novel transposed by a five year old.

There was no singular cause FROM THE PREVIOUS BETA that led to the problem Mages had this entire expansion. The problems can be answered by people who were in the beta, but it seems everyone here decided to chime in their two cents, regardless of their own personal beta experience. What does that do for discussion? Nothing, you're just adding rampant assumptions to a community that's not entirely sure of where it wants itself to go.

If you did not participate in the previous beta, your posts in here should have been limited to asking questions of those who did, and seeing what they said, not telling us who participated what we did wrong.

Whatever delusion you may have in your own mind about the influence a single player has on game development, you have to get it in that same head that HE IS ONE PERSON. Does Blizzard listen to what he says? You bet! Why? Because he is more coherent and knowledgable about game and Mage mechanics than most posters here or on the official forums. Hell, he knows more about Mages than I do. If you choose to blame Lhivera for everything that's ever happened to Mages, then feel free; it's your life. All I implore you to do is actually argue that fact like a god damned grown up and not just tossing out, "HE HAS NOES HEROICS EXPERIENCE" over and over. Know who else doesn't? A metric shit ton of the developers who code this game. If you left decision making up to only heroic raiders, this game would suck horrendously, as has been pointed out time and time again by Blizzard and even posters here (just stroll through any suggestion thread here, find a post by a heroic raider, and question the validity of their statements).

If you want to change things, then you better learn to communicate. Not just for the sake of your in game pixels, but your actual life as well. If you're talking to a child, talk to them as if they were a child. If you're talking to your wife, then god damn it treat her like your wife. Lastly, if you're talking to a freaking game developer who spends eons of his life looking at numbers, then you better come at him with verifiable data, replicable tests, and some god damned numbers.

That is all.