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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    the only thing i'm very afraid of is the cgi...many vieogame adapation movies have had very crappy cgi - too much fantasy and colors. I hope warcraft will have LOTR style magic - bordering 'realism.'
    I doubt that will happen, I expect plenty of vibrant colours because that attracts people. "look shiny"
    When making the comparison to LOTR I think the Warcraft movie will be more like The Hobbit than LOTR.

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    It's going to be awful. Can't wait to pirate it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucci View Post
    I dunno, Legendary Pictures has some pretty awesome movies under it's belt.
    Yea, i think the same ...

    Also the new godzilla trailer looks pretty awesome ^^

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    I'd suggest going to watch the other two movies created by Duncan Jones before pulling out any judgement on the WoW Movie. His second film 'Source Code' is decent and entertaining although admittedly it's not mindblowing. His first film 'Moon' is superb, and very intelligently done.

    Time will tell, but I've got faith in him so far, and in the fact that Blizzard have already rejected a whole bunch of other directors who seemed to want to make a generic Hollywood blockbuster with lame storylines.

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    I think it will be an above average (at least) movie in its genre, but a bad Warcraft movie. Non-canon makes it iffy.

    They know people love their cinematics, and the lore. Making a non-canon movie will be cool and is easier for them of course, but I'd really wish we could have a canon movie that shows us how Warcraft is like from things we haven't seen in the games.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zdrasti View Post
    He's telling you upfront what's going to take. It's not ninja looting. It's pirate looting! YAARRRR!!!

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    If anyone has the chance to break the stigma of a game being made into a movie, its Blizzard. At least they havent cast one of the shitty Wayans brothers in it.

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    It is definitely not going to be epic like lord of the rings which is what they are going for. Lotr is serious with a lot of depth and careful fantasy with moments of humour, while WoW and Blizzard in general are corny, superficial and simple as hell with lame puns making up 90% of it's humor.

    I don't think it will be bad, but I doubt it will blow many people's mind! especially non-gamers.

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    This really has the potential to be a absolute Battlefield Earth clusterfuck of Epic proportion that would make cutthroat island look like it was the biggest box office hit ever!

    Lets be honest how many people who play wow give two shits about lore and will that lore be engaging enough to keep joe smoe who has never played wow interested?

    LOTR is one of the biggest books of all time so has the name recognition that if Peter Jackson decided to release LOTR where he it was just him jacking off a hobbit for 3 hours it still would make bank.

    Does WoW have that marketability especially for a 100million dollar movie i like to think it does but my cynical side of me isnt so sure

    but hey i will still watch it even if its just Chris Metzen jacking off Thrall for 3 hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combooticus View Post
    but hey i will still watch it even if its just Chris Metzen jacking off Thrall for 3 hours
    That's probably Metzen's biggest inner desire.

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    Warcraft has an extremely critical fanbase, no matter what Blizzard do with the game, there are always big groups of extremely vocal fans who think it's "really, really bad" - I can't see this being any different for the movie - The real test is whether or not it can appeal to non-gamers and/or non-WoW fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-connor View Post
    Warcraft has an extremely critical fanbase, no matter what Blizzard do with the game, there are always big groups of extremely vocal fans who think it's "really, really bad" - I can't see this being any different for the movie - The real test is whether or not it can appeal to non-gamers and/or non-WoW fans.
    Its a 100 million dollar movie

    This movie cant itself rely on those hardcore lore nerds like to me to survive especially if its plans on becoming a money making movie franchise like star wars or LOTR

    Its got to tick all the boxes or its gonna be a gigantic Pluto Nash of a shit bomb

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    I doubt it will be a good movie since hardly any games to movies have been any good at all. It will also flop in the theaters because of the negative social stigma attached to WoW that anyone who doesn't play the game has. Regardless of how untrue the loser in the basement, South Park "villain" stereotype is, most people have it and won't be seen dead at this movie.

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    I'll just say, the WoW movie has a slight chance, simply because Uwe Boll isn't involved.

    Oh and to add to my earlier list:

    Max Payne

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    Most games turned film tend to suck but most don't have Mr Krabs!

    Fuck yeah Mr Krabs!

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    I honestly think it's going to be a great movie. Duncan Jones is a hardcore WoW player and so are many of the other people involved. Plus, Blizzard cinematic team is working close with the special effects team. If they do it well it could easily be as epic as a 3-hour Blizzard cinematic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    Think Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter live action movies.

    What do you think at this point?
    That's not a good point at all. Just because a game is based on a video game doesn't mean it's going to flop. Blizzard has a lot of money and it depends more on the director and so far, Duncan Jones seems pretty flexible as far as letting Blizzard have some say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monoxide View Post
    This is just my opinion but...

    Super Mario Bros
    Mortal Kombat
    Street Fighter
    Blood Rayne
    Resident Evil series
    Dragon Ball Z

    Nuff said.
    All of those were low budget B movies with B movie talent made by studios as basically expensive commercials cashing in on the name of a franchise. You have to completely be blind to context to think this logic is analogous to the issue at hand, or have you to have no freaking clue of who is working on this movie or what their ideas and talents are. I don't see how anyone can watch the Blizzcon panel and still be mired in this quagmire of gratuitous confirmation bias.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corebit View Post
    I'm guessing it will be a disappointment, just like all the other video game inspired movies.

    I'm sure most WoW fans will at least go check it out.
    But what about the mainstream masses who have never touched a single Blizzard title let alone played a video game? Movies are all about mass appeal. I don't know how much people will be hyped about "Warcraft" in the title especially when they don't have a single clue about the game story?

    If they make it too generic fantasy, Warcraft fans will be disappointed that it it's "not Warcraft enough"
    If they make it follow the Warcraft lore too much, the mainstream audience won't understand a thing.

    You lose more than you win with video-game-turned-movie. That's why few studios ever do that anymore.
    It's going to look like Avatar meets the Lord of the Rings. And it won't look generic. Nick Carver and Glow Wei are personally overseeing visual designs with ILM and Weta here. This isn't just going to look like Eragon or Dragonheart, it's going to look spectacular. John Carter was a pacing disaster because one man was given far too much power over his vision without anyone there to naysay him. This is a collective effort with some of the finest talent in the industry, and it's been meticulously approached in every way you can imagine, which is why the movie wasn't produced 7 damn years ago. The very fact Blizzard sat on this project for so long should alone have people intrigued. Like the RTS and MMORPGs, Blizzard is an innovator in taking something that is usually popular with a niche audience and making it appeal to the masses on a nigh exponential scale.

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    I think it can happen two things about that movie.

    A: It's Awesoooooooooome. hit of the year blablabla in Ya face lotr!.

    B: It suuuucks. failure, rock bottom, shame on you for making that piece of crap.

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    Imo its gonna have haters and lovers just like always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmer View Post
    Because there's absolutely no way that they're trying to make a "quality" film in order to make a franchise to get return customers, right?

    Get a clue. I'm not saying they're going to make a shitty film, get money, and then run to the bank. Blizzard wants to earn trust in order to keep doing it and they've said as much. But the reality is that there's still certain inherent barriers in terms of the medium difference and you didn't address any of it.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Blizzard and Jones are going to do everything in their power to make a "good" film, in the sense that they're going to go through the checklist of what people feel is required for it ("the acting was good, the effects looked 'cool'") in the same way that AAA-game releases since roughly 2006 just generally go through the motions to deliver on what a generic boxed good consumer expects.

    But no one can explain to me for anything why they're making a Warcraft movie other than "because it would be cool." There is nothing the movie can do that an alternative medium the universe was built for can do better.

    Pretentious is just another fucking word for "values I don't share" half the time. This is one of them. If this is cynical, it's because big budget media has become cynical.
    No, you get a clue and free your chafing groin from those negative nancy pants. These people have passion for what they're doing. They didn't just think they had a clever way to portray the idea and pitch it to a studio executive who loved it so much he greenlit it. They've been sitting on this project for over 7 years, because they didn't have confidence in the previous incarnations of the project for one reason or another. You're just making blanket dismissals and making the problems seem intrinsic to the genre, which makes you pretentious in your matter of fact attitude. It's a bit more than values I don't share. You'll have to point out what those values are and where they're conflicting if you want to base your dismissal on that. Again, you're just another person ignoring context here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naztrak View Post
    Since they are allready shifting towards good humans vs bad orcs I feel like its gonna be such an empty experience like LOTR was.
    That's exactly what they are not doing. Did you even watch the panel? That's what Duncan Jones didn't like about the state of the project, he wanted to show there are heroes on both sides. Just like a movie about WW2 can show there are charismatic Nazis or Japanese who had issues with their conscience over what was being done in the name of their nation, we're going to see orcs in this movie who feel they're race has lost it's way in their demonic blood lust and for uniting and following Gul'dan. We will see heroes and villainous tyrants on both sides, but yes, the orcs are the invaders here. But as in real life, even people invading and subjugating another people or nation are more than shallow 2 dimensional bad guys. Like it or not, the orcs did invade Azeroth under demonic pacts, that doesn't make the orcs all monsters. But then again you're calling Tolkien an "empty experience", lol. Okie dokie then.

    They have actual human actors using Avatar quality motion capture and facial capture rigs to make these orcs empathetic and emotive. They aren't just going to be mean old Tolkien orcs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icathian View Post
    They should just make movies based in the lore..I mean, stories like arthas, illidan, the enslavement and liberation of the orcs etc are so rich that you CAN'T mess it up, at least story wise.

    This warcraft movie is exactly that, just a random made up story inside the warcraft universe. The people that will watch this movie will be either blizzard fans or people that got convinced by that fan to go watch it. But how can you do that with such a generic thing?

    "what is that movie about?" "oh uh, it's based in the warcraft universe, there's a war going on between humans and green-skinned people. Also elves." "eh.. is it a LOTR rip-off?"

    Also, as much as i hate to say it, there's no grade A actors, which sadly is something that sells the movie.

    We'll be able to judge better as the list of actors gets filled and when they have a sneakpeek of the movie.
    This is just just wrong. They told us at the panel they couldn't tell us what the movie was exactly about because of silly studio policy on PR, but they gave enough hints to show it's clearly based on major lore. They gave us enough hints to know what's happening here. Anduin Lothar? Durotan? Warcraft 1? Did you even watch the panel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasani View Post
    I always found it amusing that a game that was notorious for the extreme blood, gore, violence, and murder, so extreme that they created the whole video game rating system mostly because of this game, and yet the movie had no blood, almost no death at all. I mean the closest thing to a proper fatality was the anonymous henchman that subzero shattered into pieces shortly after they arrived on the island. And that wasn't even a main character, just some random shirtless guy. The rest of the kills were horrible, and don't get me started on Goro's Star Trek-esque karate chop on the shoulder as his big finishing movie.
    Yes, they completely ignored the rivalry between Scorpion and Sub Zero and made them into glorified body guards. They basically took the lore of MK, put it in a jar, shook it up, and then tried to reinvent the wheel by doing what seemed "cool" to them. Sub Zero was trying to assassinate Shang Tsung. Scorpion came back from hell to take revenge on Sub Zero for killing him. Paul Anderson is a hack, and he completely made Alien vs Predator into a joke. The only halfway decent thing I've seen him touch was Event Horizon, and only because it had an interesting plot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dax75 View Post
    But at least warcraft has something going for it that mortal kombat didn't have and that is a real story, I mean mortal kombat was basiclyy beat people up and then at the end there is a small and this happened after fighter xy won the tournament.
    No, there was quite a bit of backstory behind Mortal Kombat, most of which was ignored or tweaked in bizarre Hollywood fashion for the movie. There was a comic book explaining the lore of MK1 and later MK2 created by the game makers art team you could order by mail directly from the address given on the arcade games, and then an entire series of comics was published in comic book shops. There was a story blurb ingame in the manual for each character and what they were doing there. Mortal Kombat should have been more like Bloodsport meets Hellraiser meets Big Trouble in Little China. What we got was a dated piece of 90s pop culture.
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