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    Quote Originally Posted by worstpvperus View Post
    It has potential but the fact that its live action is making me nervous. Don't get me wrong it can work out but Blizzard already has these amazing openings to their new expansions. So why go live action?
    Live action reaches a larger audience. Otherwise would likely be too niche.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    Why are you people so freaking negative? Is it because you hate Blizzard and the game so much you pray at night for things like the movie to fail?
    There have been very few examples of movies based off of games that have done well. It makes good sense to have low expectations with this one as well. I'd be curious of the reasoning of a person who was confident the movie would do well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    Think Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter live action movies.

    What do you think at this point?
    I loved both of those movies. lol

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    At first I was concerned because they were going to start the movie franchise with a story set between WC3 and WoW, which would ultimately end with having actors return to younger versions of themselves if they ever decided to go back and tell the story from the first 3 games. Fortunetly Duncan Jones wanted to tell the "origin story" beginning with Warcaft I, and given how many characters has died from Warcraft I to Warcraft III the actor isseus aint really a concern, it would seem. So that's kind of awesome. Looking forward to the movies.

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    I think the directing will be sound, and the effects and locations amazing. The soundtrack will no doubt be very, very good. I think the acting will probably be adequate, ya know, the kind of "not bad" but not something that's going to get an academy award. Legendary films tend to have a high level of polish from a technical aspect.

    And the story will be absolute garbage. Probably a lot of crap that fanboys will drool over. I'm sorry, but the second Metzen was announced as a producer and creative consultant, I groaned. I just have not liked anything he's done from a story aspect in a very, very long time. He's a far better artist that writer/story teller.

    Duncan Jones has said that he plans to make it "Game of Thrones meets Avatar," and if he can pull it off, great. I'm just very wary.

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    Mortal Kombat 1 is one of my favorite movies of all time.
    Means something like this is subjective.

    Personally I think it will end up good, however I'm sure everyone thats doomsaying now will call it the worst thing ever.

    Also SF was shit because they made it about Guile vs Bison. They shouldve went with a Ryu/Ken vs Bison story or smething. Less Cammy, more Chun-Li.
    Basicly, too Americanised!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    with do much money pumped into it I really doubt it will suck like the other movies based on games.
    Pumping money into a movie doesn't necessarily mean it'll be "good."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    Thread based on ignorance, guess there is one of everything.
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    It's a video game movie.
    Can those be anything but bad? IF we get really lucky, we might have a mediocore movie in our hands.
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    This was asked awhile ago and I'll post this list.

    The warcraft movie will tank faster than Peyton Manning in the playoffs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rumblecrush View Post
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    Of course its going to be bad, its a video game movie.

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    I personally have a lot of faith for Legendary Pictures. I loved Man of Steel, 300, etc. All of their movies are gritty and I think the Warcraft movie will really take on awesome spin off that. As for the actors, I don't really know any of them. Some of their faces are familiar, but we'll just have to wait and see! I really wished the took the direction to produce the orcs like the Hobbit did theirs. I'm sure the Hobbit didn't do their's with real people, (correct me if I'm wrong) but in the Desolation of Smaug, MAN did those orcs look BADASS!

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    Well, they scrapped the original script, which was probably a good thing, since it was written by one of the game designers (Metzen i think?)(if you thought the scripted encounters were poorly written, imagine a whole movie with an overacting sindragosa )

    My prediction is thus that it will be a standard bland adventure flick that will follow the Hollywood manual of adventure films to the letter and try to capitalize on the fading fantasy-hype after the hobbit and LOTR

    But I cant shake from my mind that it could be actually good if you had a clever director that got the reins to take it off the "films you can predict the entire plot after you've seen the first five minutes" assembly line.
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    With Blizzard and Legendary at the helm it's very doubtful. I have high hopes for this movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    Think Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter live action movies.

    What do you think at this point?
    You think Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter are bad movies... You should really venture out, 'Blair witch project' comes to mind.
    Do I think it's going to be a Dark Knight, Avengers, or Star Trek status.. No way. But I think it will be worth every penny, especially to WoW players.

    You don't have to watch it, it's a 'Free' world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lahis View Post
    It's a video game movie.
    Can those be anything but bad? IF we get really lucky, we might have a mediocore movie in our hands.
    Quote Originally Posted by ribald View Post
    Of course its going to be bad, its a video game movie.
    It's because they were made by dumbasses who wanted nothing but to rush it to get a quick buck out of it.

    This is different.
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    Honestly I am always worried about games being made into movies. The track record is bad. Will I rent it one day? Sure. Will I take the family to the theater? Likely not.

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    Ever watch vikings or highlander? two bad ass dudes right there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Undies View Post
    Go watch Moon, then come back to this thread, and share your opinion. Duncan Jones is gunna kill it. (in the good sense)

    this so so much.

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    Guys they want release the movie for sure. Just wait few months after the WoD release till they announce they going to cancel the movie.

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