View Poll Results: Which class will you play first to 100?

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  • Druid

    63 9.60%
  • Death Knight

    52 7.93%
  • Rogue

    56 8.54%
  • Mage

    34 5.18%
  • Warlock

    60 9.15%
  • Hunter

    71 10.82%
  • Shaman

    74 11.28%
  • Priest

    57 8.69%
  • Monk

    53 8.08%
  • Paladin

    82 12.50%
  • Warrior

    54 8.23%
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    I'm undecided between my shammy or DK. I suppose it will depend on what my guild needs more for raiding purposes. Leaning more toward DK tho
    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamael8

    Deathwing was flapping along in the dragonblight getting ready to attack the tower whennnnn..... BAM!!! He gets nailed with a giant plasma beam coming down from the sky Grafton style from Halo Reach!!!! It would seem that Rhonin finally decided to put his 24mil mana to use...

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    My main is a Hunter so I suppose she will be first.

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    It's either going to be my Hunter who has been my main forever, or Warlock. It completely depends on what Blizz does with WoD. If Hunters don't receive some significant changes for spec differentiation I'm probably going to switch to Warlock. Blizzard really made Warlocks shine when they gave them the rework for MoP.

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    Once you go lock you never go back...

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    Druid. Tank, melee dps, ranged dps, heals. Will become my new main.

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