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    What are the best horde raiding servers?

    I've looked on WoW-Progress and seen some of the top 3 servers are


    I'm transferring off of my old dead server with no progression and I just want to make sure my money isn't wasted. I'm transferring over a 563 resto druid with 13/14 25 and 10 man experience. So I figure I would get at least some peoples opinions.

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    Hey OP ! I was in your situation back in 2012.

    Destromath was my old server and overtime it just became a wasteland.
    Being a raider at heart, i needed to go to a new server which had the high population and the high progression combo that satisfied my needs.

    I transferred to illidan US (Horde) on my main and then proceeded to transfer my other 2 alts, haven't looked back since.

    On my first day on Illidan, i realized a few things.
    1) There were runs for just about ANYTHING at any given moment (early mornings to late nights)

    2) New Guilds Flourish all the time & the consistent high end Guilds are always looking for deterimned players

    3) The economy there, while it isn't perfect... Its better than having no economy on a dead Server !

    4) Get Used to the *Trade Chat* - ( Its a never-ending, Fast-Paced wall of Text on Illidan)

    5) If you're into PVP, there are a lot of good PVP guilds and some pretty good potential candidates for arena and RBG partners (Results may Vary) lol

    6) The "Overpopulation" on the horde side could be used against you - Ex : Farming rares, a lot of gathering items competition, and on Launch Days for new expansions? Forget about it LOL - ( My launch day of Mists Experience)

    7) The Burden of being on a High populated and progression server ? Log-In Waiting Times. Especially during common Raid Times/Days.
    (Right now it isn't that bad though, it gets worse on the Start of an Expansion as to always Expect)
    Bottom Line, Illidan has been kind to me. A lot of good memories with Pugs, Guilds and even met the funniest and the most interesting people around.

    And to be straight with you, Anywhere is better than a "Dead Server".

    So why not give illidan @ Shot ?

    Good luck OP <3
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