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    same as it always goes, pinky... i'm flat broke and never have enough for shit i want.

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    How do you farm 50k/day? Did not think farming could generate that much gold.

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    im only on about three hours a week besides raiding so i only made about 450k gold total

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fincher View Post
    To be fair, we do use lots of automation add-ons which consolidate a lot of clicking, inputs, and pauses into just one click.

    WoW I had to use all sorts of various methods to get 12 Millions but you got it with just four professions. And you say you also got powerful gear. Much respect, so amazed, very applaud!
    This is done on a very big server with average of 100.000 items on its alliance AH up at any given time. Things like gems or enchants sell mind numbingly fast and it's not hard to make 10M gold acquired in relatively short time here. I didn't even bothered with preparations or stacking up gigantic mat stocks. Just getting constant supply from farmers and AH, processing it into final products and selling with TSM, reposting 2-4 times a day. On a server like this it's futile to attempt controlling anything, especially markets this large. I get undercut in minutes anyway. It's like feast on yellow AH spam for first 2 hours, cancel, repost. Rinse and repeat. Buy out a bit if you see some tard deep undercutter.

    There are people meddling with glyphs, crafted gear and transmog but for me it's much more hassle for much lesser gold yield. One thing that does beat these 3 tradeskills is selling darkmoon trinkets on expansion launch.

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    Since New Years, I'm up 140k (minus my 50k garrosh kill, buying mate onyx mount) so I'm sitting on 68k atm, but after starting my gold collection the day sky golems were made, I would of earned close to 800k by end of last year, this year, I'm keeping an eye on how much I make per day till mop, I'm hoping to go into WoD with atleast 1 gold capped toon, to quickly buy all the profession mats for my characters.

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    I've easily made over the gold cap - but I've definitely spent enough of it to dent me back down.
    Largest chunk of that game from selling challenge modes with some friends.

    Just made 25k off like 2 weeks of barely playing though. Combination of gathering, enchanting, JC'ing, mog gear and vendoring stuff.

    Hoping to up the gold making game for WoD so I don't feel forced into raiding HM's again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esubane View Post
    This is done on a very big server with average of 100.000 items on its alliance AH up at any given time. (...) it's not hard to make 10M gold acquired in relatively short time here.
    Well I have been both on low population Servers and on high population Servers and from my Experience it is increasingly hard to make profit here. For Example, people on MMOC Forums mentioned Golden Lotus selling for 50g, and some even say they sell for more, like 60g or I once saw 75g called. Well, on my Server they go away for 29g = 27g55silver after cut.

    So yeah, would be nice to hear less of "The amount of Gold you made was easy since your server has so many people" and more of "Wow you made so much gold even though your Server is highly populated" kind of comments.

    On Topic: Seems we'll get a new PvP Season in Mists so gonna sell Arena Wins or do duels with next FOTM Class.
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