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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderchain View Post
    I stopped reading after no.5 and i have to say no, no, no, no and no! Well, okay, i stopped after 6. And no. 6 is YES PLZ
    Hopefully you read all the way through and caught the last paragraph.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sildor View Post
    I know you're trying to take the piss but I'd actually like it if they did about half of that list.
    I enjoyed it when it was current mechanics. Not sure I could ever force myself to go back.

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    I know it's meant to be a joke but:

    1. sure
    2. would be cool
    3. 10 yard seems unrealistic and not relevant. the old 8 yards was overdone and 5 yards is more realistic. This is fine but in the same breath hunters should have melee abilities back and traps be more relevant.
    4. sure, i liked it
    5. I liked it too
    6. yes pls
    7. i enjoy minecraft so could get used to this. It sounds a bit tedious with wow's more relevant bag space issues (which should be adjusted to how they were in vanilla pre-gearset issues)
    8. yes yes yes
    9. yesssss
    10. I wasn't a huge STV fan, who?
    11. definitely!
    12. oh yes, great fun in stv with the back patrol <3
    13. dont like this D:
    14. yessss
    15. no issue with that here
    16. i dont like warlocks, so sure
    18. prefer 4 specs for other classes with strong reasons for them.
    19. yeah these were fun!
    20. hmmm, for first characters it certainly adds immersion, even if you're just buying a spell it represents going to get training. I liked it but on alts its a pain.
    21. mm, ok. indifferent.
    22. dont like this
    23. yessssss
    24. yeahhh
    25. no problems with that.

    overall i'd like your list being brought back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    which is kind of like saying "of COURSE you can't see the unicorns, unicorns are invisible, silly."

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