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    Elemental Shammy PVP (How to?)

    So recently I decided to do some PVP, and thought that the Shammy I ignored was a good candidate to try out see what it was like. I do lots of Random BGs on lots of Chars, and feel I can hold my own on most if not all of these. However, I've started trying this Shammy out. Got Honor Weapon, Shield, Trinket and Gloves, plus an assortment of PVE Shizzle which is scaled down to 512.

    Anyways, I've never ever felt so useless in BGs. I'm often getting 100% to 0% before I can do anything but Flame Shock often. Mages can kill me in a deep freeze, Rogues might as well just auto attack for all I can do against them, and anything that can lock me out of Elemental is going to kill me. My only really hope is I have Ascendance off CD, but even then when I'm silenced on that I can't do anything. Also my offheals from Totems are absolutely nothing. Also Heaving Surge is around 12k?

    So anyone got any tips and tricks on how to play one of these? Atm I just want to Delete it, because I'm beyond useless in Random BGs and currently getting massacred in the vast majority (Record for the last day or two is around 20 Losses 5 Wins, most being GY Camp or All Bases for us). Best to respec Enhance?

    Armory is Fulmination@Shadowsong (http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ation/advanced). Mainly looking for advice on Talents/Glyphs and also how to survive without being globaled.
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    • Don't take Astral Shift. It's only use is if you know you're going to be taking massive damage in a 6s window and then nothing either side of it. My advice is Nature's Guardian, a few people took Stone Bulwark but I believe that was because it wasn't affected by battle fatigue, I think thats fixed now though (I might be wrong here, I haven't played Shaman in a while).
    • Frozen Power isn't a good talent for Ele. You'll be using Flame Shocks to keep lava surges coming in, and Earth shock with your fulmination stacks, leaving very little shocks to use on Frost. Earthgrab is really good, and Windwalk can be very good against DKs and Mages. In BGs, Earthgrab is probably the safe option.
    • Third tier is so-so. Totem Projection is 'ok'. It's good for Cap and Earthgrab, but not much else. Call of Elements is good to have two grounding, earthgrab/windwalk and healing stream totems back to back.
    • Fourth tier is fine. Elemental Mastery and NS can both be good, but Echo is pretty safe for BGs.
    • Fifth tier, go Rushing Streams. You'll notice a pretty drastic improvement on the healing from healing stream.
    • Sixth tier, if you're finding yourself getting locked on Elemental Blast a lot you can try Unleashed Fury. A lot of people take it over EB anyway. Personally I prefer EB, for EB->Lava surge->Fulmination, but I still take Unleashed Fury if I will be getting interrupted a lot (which you will in BGs).

    You 100% want lightning shield glyph. It's 10% less damage taken, it's almost like a permanent barkskin. I wouldn't recommend flame shock glyph, it's 'okay' but there are better glyphs out there. Healing Stream totem (against casters), Capacitor Totem (against melee), and purge (against people with trash buffs) are all good.

    Seems fine, I don't know if you can get more haste though.

    Gems are off. You want int in red, int/haste in yellows and int/pvp power in blues.

    Obviously very hard to judge without playing with you or seeing you play. You don't really want to be hardcasting that often, even in 1v1 scenarios. It's often better to drop healing totems, grounding totems, root totems, kite, keep flame shock up, purge and wait on lava surge procs. If you're low, you can get kicked on lava burst on purpose so you can heal and not be worried about getting kicked on nature.

    Also, a trick, hardcast a lava burst before popping ascendance. If people kick you, when you pop ascendance it 'resets' the lock out on the lava burst school.

    Ele shaman isn't a good 1v1 spec. It isn't even that fantastic in 2s. You kinda need a pocket healer and someone to peel for you to get any sort of real damage going... especially if you find that you're the one being focused. Shamans are really good in large team fights, with chain lightning and lots of people to Flame shock, resulting in tons of lava surge procs and loads of lightning shield stacks for fulmination.. but 1v1, not so much.

    Hope this helped. Feel free to ask or correct me if I got something wrong. ^^ I haven't played Ele for a while.

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    All I will say is this; stay with the group, stay far behind and unleash ridiculous amounts of damage. Make sure you move out of bad situations before it's too late, don't fight until the inevitable end. Utilize grounding and roots when disengaging from combat. There's not much more to it tbh, at least not in BG's.

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    thanks mr snuggli for the tips

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    In random bg's, without anyone to peel for you or heal you, chances are melee will be a pain in the backside for you all the time. Nobody wants to have an elemental Shaman unloading free damage in their face and that combined with the troubles you can have against melee which are good in sticking to you means that more often than not you will have to fight for your life without a lot of time to cast spells. Proper utilization of ghost wolf, frost shock and earthbind totem is your number one defense against melees and not too hard to learn. Obviously try to hold onto your knockback until they have used their instant gapclosers if possible.
    Other than that Snuggli covered a lot and his advice should help you a fair bit more than mine.

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    Welcome to elemental shaman pvp. Stick to arenas and rbgs and stay the fuck away from 1v1, wpvp and random bgs or you're gonna get ass raped. There is no reason any half decent melee should ever lose to an elemental unless the melee is fucking retarded or wearing blues.

    Even when I duel elementals on my mm hunter I laugh my ass off as I interrupt (and I have tons of interrupts for casters) each and every lava burst and shooting aimed+chimera in his face everytime I catch him in a freezing trap or wyvern sting and have plenty of focus too.

    Elemental is one of these specs that can't pvp without support. Sorry. Well unless you're extremely and insanely good, like this guy http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Rounos/simple who is not afraid of ganking 90s Alliance right outside Goldshire and always killing several before going down.
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