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    I didn't pick it up until around 5.3. After that I leveled up a few pets, most in the mid to upper teens now, with my highest lvl at 19. I've not messed around with it in about 3 months though. Life happened and even though it was fun there are other things for me to worry about now. Raiding is first priority for my WoW time at the the moment, that and VP capping. Thats 6 hours of game play a week and I don't have much time for must else these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    here's my statistics: I love everything about pet battles except that fucking celestial tournament that doesn't let me heal. 100% of the checking factss love pet battles.
    My feelings exactly. I really like collecting, training and battling them, but that tournament is terrible! Having to restart it all over again because I had a bad luck streak agaist Chi-Chi and my whelks decided to miss Dive twice after I had already beaten the other 3 celestials is a pain in the ass!!

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    I only turned my attention to them in patch 5.2, when one day I was bored and I decided to try it out. I was amazed by the amount of pets available in every single zone of azeroth and the pets that would only appear under certain conditions. I leveled some pets (not enough to try out celestial tournament yet) and only did a few battles but I think they really hit the spot.

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    I have not trained it on any character. I don't plan on training it ever.

    A) If I want to play Pokemon, I'll play Pokemon.
    B) If I want a non-MMO experience, I'll play a game that's not an MMO.

    All these single player/non-MMO features are vestigial as far as I'm concerned. I have tons of other games, so I'm not inclined to play some watered down form of another game when I'm in the mood for something else; I'll just play the better version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magally View Post
    I started off loving them and felt things were nice and worked great with the trainer fights but with the addition of the bosses and stuff I lost interest as they were so tightly tuned that it also fell into the MMO min/max thing as it's constantly touted how certain combos win and everything else just loses.
    I did the same thing. Was enjoying pet battles until I got to the newest content for them and had to min max to beat bosses. I do pet battles to get a break from min maxing=/
    nothing but empty space here bro. move along now.

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    I haven't tried any pet battles yet. They crammed so much into MoP that I find pet battles to be nearly at the bottom of my list of interests. I will most certainly try them before playing Farmville ala WoW, but not before I try challenge modes. Perhaps if pet battles came along in a previous expansion when I was sitting around Dalaran or Orgrimmar twiddling my thumbs, I'd be more inclined to partake, but I've got more than enough to do without them.

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    I have no idea if they are popular. They certainly didn't do anything for me.
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    I dont get so much into the battling as I do collecting rare pets. Have all rare spawns collected, just refuse to spend real money on pets. I did all the trainer battles and have something like 20 lvl 25's but only care about the rare pets and could care less about the 15 different rabbits, snakes, birds, etc..

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    I liked pet battles at first and got a few pets to 25. But then later it became too much of a min/max thing. If you don't have a few overpowered pet combo's then you're extremely screwed. Tried to do lil Oondasta with my favorite pets and I was one shot. Got three ion cannon pets and boom easy street.

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    I had no real interest in pet battles at the start of MoP. I only tried it one day when I was a little bored. After getting a pet to level 3, I found out that my original feeling was correct and I never touched it again.

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    I have never played Pokemon, and I love the collection and leveling aspect of it. I even made it through the Legendary pets and the Pandaren spirits, but then stopped a few months ago because I am apparently terrible at PvP pet battles. I think I played 25 games and won 3, or something similarly awful. It made me very sad because I love PvP with my priest!

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    I played it just to catch them all and get the achievements. It was fun while I was achievement hunting but that was my only motivation to battle. I won't battle just to battle.

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    It is too slow for my taste, there was one period where I was really leveling a ton of pets and all. But it got old quick, and I just got tired of it.
    Way to many pets, very repetitive, using the same pets/abilities again and again and too annoying to have an ability miss and so on.

    So glad it is an optional feature.

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    I liked Pet Battles up until Pokemon X came out (which of course, is time better spent on for the actual game the feature rips off, especially with worldwide online battles).
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    Pet battle end game is very lacking. You either A. have enough pets leveled to do it or B. spend days leveling the select pets needed then it is face roll.

    Honestly having some of the celestials able to be soloed yu'la, and others(chi-chi) that require a very specific set of moves to beat is the sort of balance bad games are made of. Out side of that if you like to collect and level pets its fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IIamaKing View Post
    Pet battle end game is very lacking. You either A. have enough pets leveled to do it or B. spend days leveling the select pets needed then it is face roll.

    Honestly having some of the celestials able to be soloed yu'la, and others(chi-chi) that require a very specific set of moves to beat is the sort of balance bad games are made of. Out side of that if you like to collect and level pets its fun.

    Warcraft pet battles are fun, to me anyway, when there are many good teams and solutions, and any difficulty is mostly difficulty you give yourself (let's see if I can do this with my pets at half health).

    They are not at all fun when they become complicated extremely specific min-maxing problems where the two avenues to find a solution are (1) lengthy trial and error (and possibly leveling a bunch of pets up from level 1), and (2) reading a how-to on the internet and just doing it.

    That really, really turns me off.

    But on the other hand I found the MoP elemental battles to be a lot of fun, and as challenging as I wanted to them to be, depending on how "wrong" or underpowered my battle teams were. And before they were idiotically "buffed," the legendary pets were fun too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrExcelion View Post
    I love them - but the new epic pet system has potential to turn me off - they talked about it being a RNG chance from breeding, and consuming one of your old pets
    What is the new epic pet system?

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    They said that pet battles were more successful than they anticipated IIRC.

    I made a poll on here a few months ago and the vast majority either liked or loved pet battles

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    i love them except the misses. Even perfect counterteams can lose if they miss.
    Originally Posted by Lore (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    I just also know that it's better to not expect much and be pleasantly surprised, than to feel like a promise was broken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Spam View Post
    Nope. No one is doing it, really. They just farm the achievs and crap and then forget about it. You won't be seeing anyone pet dueling outside SW if that's what you wanted to know.
    Do you have any statistical evidence to back that up?

    Also because of the random matchmaking system of PvP pet battles there's no need to meet up outside Stormwind

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