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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    There should be a bounty system, a "report-a-friend" where if you turn someone in for something that gets him permanently banned, you get some free in-game goodies.
    That sounds highly exploitable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    I don't think you read my post since I said that player tribunals wouldn't work. Just to be clear about that. Although your post is a decent example of what I was writing about when I wrote that the problem with them is that some people wouldn't bother to know anything about what they were passing judgement on. So thanks for that. I guess.
    That's why positive reports would work. It doesn't need reviewing by anyone, it just gets counted by bliz in the end. The only moderation it would need is flagging excessive checks from guildmates/friendlist players.

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