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    As a raid leader with skinning, no trash mob can ever earn as much of my hatred as the core hounds in Molten Core. The Ultraxion trash was probably the most boring so far, but I can't say that I ever really hated it as I'd just watch a YouTube clip on the other monitor while it was going on.

    As for good trash, I liked the trash packs before Halfus Wyrmbreaker. It requires you to actually pay attention and use CC, interrupts, dispels, etc. The early Tempest Keep trash was similar, but in TK we always had that one hunter who broke all the CC with multishot (kicking him didn't help, because you'd just end up recruiting another huntard to replace him).
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    Oh, I just remembered another horrible one: those imps on the path towards the original Zul'gurub's Edge of Madness.
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    I actually enjoyed Hyjal trash.

    Honestly I just loved the instance, the theme and atmosphere was great and it felt like you were actually defending the world from an unstoppable onslaught as opposed to just hitting some random stuff blizzard put between you and the boss.

    Also people complaining about having to redo it after the wipe, the 3 bosses with trash were piss easy anyway, you never wiped more than a couple times if you were properly geared, although if Archimonde had trash that'd have been insane

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    Oh, just had another random memory from Karazhan trash. Now, it's been forever, so I can't remember the exact names of the trash mobs, but there were these two huge arcane statues you had to fight right before you get to Curator's room. Somehow, there was a way you could get a debuff and kill someone if you did it right. Our raid leader would always mark a "bounty" target with a star and offer gold to whoever could kill that person.

    Sorry I can't remember the details, but there was some way you could intentionally kill another raid member during that encounter.

    Also, it doesn't count as raiding, but I always enjoyed that room in BRD near the end where huge waves of lesser trash mobs chased you around while you had to light torches.

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    hyjal waves. God i hated hyjal waves.

    the slimes at patchwerk. someone ALWAYS died on those, which always slowed us down/stopped us.

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    Hyjal Summit trash waves before bosses.
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    My favorite: The trash in TK.
    My least favorite: Ultraxion trash. Oh the horror!

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    I'm surprised that I haven't seen any mention of the Frogger trash. =)


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    hyjal waves. God i hated hyjal waves.

    the slimes at patchwerk. someone ALWAYS died on those, which always slowed us down/stopped us.
    There it is! ^___^

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