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    Mail/ah addon that tracks items sold?

    Im looking for an addon that tracks when i sell an item. I would want it to be simple to use. Readily available, and i would like for it to show me how much something sold for. Bonus points if it can show me how much the mats were going for the day i made it as well. Does anything similar to this exist?
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    Beancounter of Auctioneer Suite does some of that.
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    Is there an addon that would track how many pieces of a certain item I've sold via AH in total? Would be nice to see for example which glyphs are sold the most. One other approach to track this would be to track how many times I've crafted an item in total. TSM_Additions prints in chat an item link and the price it was bought for when something gets sold, but that's just a real-time feature so not something that could be viewed later.

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    TSM Accounting does exactly this. You can also show on the tooltip the majority of statistics you mentioned.

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    TSM Accounting does exactly this. You can also show on the tooltip the majority of statistics you mentioned.
    Duh! I just found that module myself also from Curse Client. Thanks.

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    TSM, but the Blizzard Auction App for your phone is also pretty cool maybe check that out.

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