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    As for boots - don't forget that crafted 2socket ones have 120mastery as bonus, while Ra-den have 120 mainstat, as Kylael mentioned.
    Good catch on the socket bonus fail there, my bad, I didn't see that. Still pretty close imo with a slight favor for Treads. I gem Deft (agi/haste and Glinting (agi/hit) on yellow/blue socket.

    Gains with Dreadrunner Sabatons:
    40 Agility
    120 Mastery (0.2)
    183 Hit (0.54%)

    Gains with Treads of Sanguine Volley:
    321 Crit (0.54%)
    160 Haste (0.38%

    One last comment and then I'm gonna stop bickering. After looking at rings and comparing them I think the BiS rings for hunters are Kil'ruk's Band of Ascendancy and (as you said before) Ring of Restless Energy (not Ra-den's Swift Seal as I said, despite its agility socket bonus) since it allows you to follow socket color for a whopping +60 crit bonus.
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    Maybe this has been asked before, but why is leatherworking listed as the best profession for brewmasters? How is it better than enchanting, alchemy or inscription? All increase agi by 320. Or is there som scaling issues for some professions or something?

    Also, shouldn't blacksmithing be even better, as it allows you to go for additional crit?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Nvm, found my answer on an earlier page!
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