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    Oh i out play them, but i still want that rewarding aspect that's obtained by achieving something great like killing a boss or obtaining a high rating... both are great to achieve, but only one offers a reward, seems kinda stupid if you ask me. It's not enough to prove my skill by obtaining a certain rating in arena, i want to be rewarded for obtaining that rating by either getting a set of gear or a weapon... or possibly both. It's not like the higher quality in my gear would change anything... if i had the same gear as the average player, i'd still kill them, but i'd walk away w/ less health. Regardless i'm going to go on a killing spree in a BG, so it's kind of annoying to not be rewarded better loot because worse players believe that PvP should be balanced around random BG's that have no MMR system like arena/rated BG's which you have to do to even get the gear. It's pretty much a slap in the face because it's not like they'd balance the difficulty of heroic raids around heroic dungeons.
    I just want the T2 weapons back and a new pvp enchant each expansion. That is enough for me personally. There is an enchant on live that gives you a weapon chain + 500 pvp power which is something even pvers can't access. I just think a second set of gear is way overkill. Anyone bitching about a weapon is a shitter and should be ignored thou.
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    I would stop running heroics that is for sure. If for no other reason then the tiny horrible pool of players for it on my server would up and vanish.
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    Also, its Birmingham. The place has more guns than teeth. What do you expect?

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