View Poll Results: How many girls you know in real life & have meet with, that plays World of Warcraft?

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  • I know 5+

    145 25.85%
  • At least 4

    32 5.70%
  • At least 3

    72 12.83%
  • At least 2

    68 12.12%
  • Just one

    80 14.26%
  • I don't know any.

    85 15.15%
  • I'm a troll so I click this option cus I'm brave troll!

    74 13.19%
  • No answer.

    5 0.89%
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    Yes, a woman I work with is heavily into MMO's. WoW is her main one.
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    What a strange question. Wow players are about 40% female, its not like there are very few women playing. Do you now 5+ guys irl who play wow?

    If anything I'd say while you probably know women who play wow, you're less likely to know that they do (hell I'm a high school teacher - but I'm pretty sure none of my students would ever guess I play wow or lol). The whole 2nd part of your question (re ignore list) should give you a hint of why they aren't as comfortable discussing it with anyone and everyone. I wish we'd get over treating it as this strange/unusual thing for women to be doing.

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    I am a female, GM and Raid Lead of my guild. We have 3 raiders that are female right now. Noone cares about gender in our guild. If you are a good raider, a good member of the guild, who cared what your sex is?

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    Girl? Are you referring to women?

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    I have befriended exactly 5 hot girls just for this thread.
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    Brave troll is Brave. Clicky option!

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    I once met up with a girl I knew from WoW, she was in Melbourne for her honeymoon. In fact that's the only person I've met in WoW that I went on to meet IRL.

    Oh and I knew two of the women in my first guild IRL before I started playing. So I guess 3.
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    Yes, 2 - both of them are horrible people though..
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    i know 1, but i've never played with her. it's come up in conversation before, but we didn't really make a big deal of it, just acknowledged that we both played and left it there xD

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    What do I get if I was the one to put them on ignore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toast515 View Post
    Seven years ago was vanilla and 40 man raids. No such thing has heroic yet.
    And on topic, yeah I know a few, they are lesbians, play on a different server than I do, and are cool people.
    I am sorry mate but you read that wrong: "As former GM of a 25 man heroic guild for 7 years, I was the recruitment officer aswell." means: I have been a GM for about 7 years. "My reign" as it were, was 7 years long.

    So ehm... since I have been GM for 7 years of that same guild, and I started at the beginning of TBC (being the GM, not started playing that was earlier), I pretty much have been in a heroic raiding guild thank you very much.

    Now without trying to be an ass... please, in the future, read more thoroughly.

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    I don't understand the purpose of this thread.

    You know a slight majority of all human beings are female, right?

    Like, go outside. Tons of 'em out there. If you just want to know them, finding a friend zone is easy.

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