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    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys,

    I have been a long time follower of MMOChampion and really enjoy reading the discussions on these boards

    I have played WoW since WOTLK but I have never been able to make any close friends or join a proper guild, and this is the only game I have this problem.

    I am a 22 y/o normal guy (lol) but I have just never been able to find a guild that has a community and a teamspeak etc that I can spend my gametime with.

    The guild recruitment threads on the WoW forums are very dead and most the guilds are aimed at a specific nationality (Dutch, Russian etc) and being British, I have never been able to find a English-friendly guild.

    what do? I just want a hug

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    Are u serious lol? Problem being british on english realms.....

    Im not sure about the amount of Troll in here so ill pass writing more for the moment

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    Try terokkar eu if you play alliance

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    I am on Horde Sylvannas EU and I have never met an English person.

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    That is odd. Never have I seen this in any realm I've played on. Either way, I am currently raidleading in a guild on Argent Dawn EU Horde and we have become quite a community, though we try to keep it small, we also have our own Teamspeak server that I host, but that is used for more than only WoW. We pretty much have people from all over the globe. Dutchland, Sweden, England, you name it.

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    learn dutch and/or russian.

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