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    I think there have been enough "WoW challengers" that have come out, only to fail, that people may do as you are indicating and just stop even giving them a try. I know I'm in that boat now.
    I still give them a try, not because I hope to play some other MMO than WoW... but because MMOs have a chance to be something amazing and fun. Most MMOs follow the WoW philosophy which sucks because I don't want to play a WoW with a different paint. I'd rather just play WoW.

    MMOs need to try something different in order for me to like them, if they do then they would probably just coexist with WoW not beat it.

    Games that look promising are Star Citizen and Everquest next (Maybe Wildstar) and I'd probably play both of the games if I can. Problems with today's MMOs are that most AAA MMOs require a monthly fee and I can't afford to pay for two so If Everquest next is free, for example, I'd probably play WoW and that game.
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    I've played in a couple of the ESO beta events. And it is horrid.

    It is a single player game with hundreds of other people in it. Imagine Skyrim with Barrens Chat and people killing your quest objectives. The game play is alright, if you liked Skyrim, I think the game is more suited for online co-op than MMORPG though.

    I am interested in Wildstar though, hopefully some day I'll get a beta invite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    why does something have to "challenge WoW"? Why not play each game on its own merits?

    This highlander attitude of "There can be only one" is really the problem.
    The reason why people have that mentality is that these games have monthly fees.

    I can play Assassin's Creed IV, Skyrim, Minecraft, Halo, and Need for Speed and with only having to pay for the game once. If I wanted to play Rift, Everquest, Wildstar, TESO, and WoW I can't do that because that would be like buying a game and a half every month ON TOP of buying the games themselves. Its just inconvenient. (FYI I'm stating if these games still had monthly fees.) Also its the developers faults for creating games that are extremely similar to WoW but slightly different. I'd rather play a well polished game that IS WoW than play a WoW with different colored paint.

    I'd recommend making more MMOs free and less like WoW, then people would and could play both WoW and other MMOs and this whole "WoW killer" ideology will go away.

    P.S MMOs are famous for requiring a lot of your time, which is another reason why people can only have one MMO to play. If another MMO comes out that is fun then people will switch to that one. Since MMOs take so much time there really can only be one top MMO unless they figure a way around that. (Which would make the game lose money.)
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    most games don't have a monthly fee

    but I do agree that playing multiple games with monthly fees is not something most people won't do. I still maintain that the attitude of there can be only one is the wrong one to have though. I've been playing multiple mmos for a long time and I feel a lot happier for it. There is no pressure to find that holy grail of games.

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