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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidsteel View Post
    If we had actually gotten to fight deathwing instead of killing scabs on his back and killing some tentacles in the water, I might have liked Cata more.
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    How would they do it? You get Smaugs personality because he has a long chat with Bilbo. So....we need to encounter and chat with him...or have more cutscenes?
    Also I believe he didn't have an awesome presence in previous Blizzard games like Arthas had in WC3.

    To me, Classic didn't have much of a main Antagonist. Ofc everyone seemed to know KT, Archimonde and Illidan in TBC and Arthas was just perfect for LK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexarion View Post
    Well done son. Now she could have taken care of Deathwing as well!!!
    -I lost 6 million of my best friends because of Cataclysm. I will NEVER forgive Blizz for that.
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