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    Because it might be the only change that might actually bring subs back to the game that were hunters.
    I'm willing to bet my left nut that the total number of hunters who quit over mana was less than 1000. Far less.

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    Would prefer a channeled focus builder over mana

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkwarrior42 View Post

    Guide to hunter from TBC; note that BM dps is focused around 2 buttons:

    1) A macro set up to handle kill command and steady shot
    2) Kill Shot

    Serpent Sting would be needed for optimal dps, but the general point still stands.

    Now, where is the hard evidence that mana is superior to focus to the point that many hunters quit because of the removal of mana and would return to the game should mana return?

    Edit: And I don't think "switch to viper for low priority shots when mana is needed, then switch back to hawk for the more important shots" is any more involved than "make sure your focus is high enough to hit your signatures when they come off cooldown, instead of wasting it on extra arcane shots"
    Wrong. To an extent

    We didnt have KS in TBC until the wrath patch i beleive, we didnt use serp sting either as BM, it was a dps loss

    Consumables were kibler bits for pet, ap food for self, millions of haste potions and drums of battle used on xdelixir of major agility(demonslaying on half of swp bosses)/ elixir of mage blood(mp5), mana oil on weapon(s)- plural if you had shoddy luck and never got halberd of deso or shivering felspine and were using. 2x shiv of exanguination(not bitter bro's). With a BoW and JoW) - blessing and judgemnt of wisdom you would never go sub 90% mana.

    The rotation was a simple macro called 3:2 though there were other slight alterations for if you disnt have all the mp5 stuff and needed to change. It was however 4 hours of hitting macro and keeping HM up because it didnt refresh like today.

    So you were in the right idea but it was actually simpler than you said. Returning to mana would be a terrible idea, as i found i would only be going into viper on downtime phases of encounters so there was still no added complexity to the CS-> AiS -> arc lots->2x steady for imp steady shot every now and then playstyle of wrath.

    Focus improved the game for the better as i can physically see when im having a god awful night and mistiming my focus so i keep delaying BA or ExS so know to shape up. You literally couldnt fail under mana unless you were flat out not pushing buttons right or facing the wrong way.
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