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    Enhance Talents per fight.

    Hi, I am sorry if someone has already posted this. I am looking for an enhance guide that lets you know which talents to use for each fight. I personally have 4 set and AoC. I know some fights but not all on what would be best

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    Theres a really good comphrehensive guide from a few of us over on Totemspot.


    Pretty much from this post down.

    A lot of will come down to your raid composition and how your raid does things but it should give you an idea.

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    I run EM / PE for everything except for Galakras (EoE / UF someimtes), Spoils (UoE / UF), and Siegecrafter (EoE / UF for belts, cause Elemental is retarded).

    If I was going for World of Logs ranks, I'd take EoE / UF on:


    EM / PE and EoE / UF are pretty close in terms of DPS, so it's mostly personal preference, and whether you need to burst something down (EM / PE for Heroic Garrosh P3 burn, Paragons Korven burn). I don't have Heroic / Heroic WF AoC and I'm used to playing with EM / PE so that's what I use.
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