Does anyone know if it would be possible to edit the Legion quest log to be tabbed at the top by quest type? For example, instead of having all the list on the one panel you could have a tab for quests in Azuna, Val Sharah, Highmountain, Stormheim and Suramar, another tab for profession based quests and a third for dungeon based quests. Additionally you could include class hall quests but since that seems to be finite I don't see the point in separating it from the others.

A few questions though -

1. Does the API have information about that type of break down? I know that the current OOTB log has it listed by zone and by the actual profession, but dungeons are not separated out. Can the API get that kind of breakdown?

2. How hard would it be to make such an add-on? I have downloaded the AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft and when I opened up the questlog.xml it just gives me empty outlines when I select the different elements. If I double click them it brings up the graphics but I'm at a loss as how to add the elements and I cannot seem to get the XML to be in XML view instead of design. (yes, noob here)

Thanks for any tips and feedback.