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    need addons for Kor'kron Dark Shaman heroic

    Hi there ,

    I am Starting Kor'kron Dark Shaman heroic

    i would like to know if there are any addons for healer that can tell me watch player have Iron Prison and show me the Timers
    so i can give her a hand to survive .

    and if there are any addons that can help a bit more to show me everything

    and if there are any addons to show me a
    Timer the boss are gone Do Foul Geyser or Froststorm Bolt atc

    i check the Youtube i found some addons but i really i don't know what dose hes name but i think that what i am looking for !

    got this photo from youtube Fatboss guide check here: EdtNGY-REdA
    i cant put a link or photo i am new register !
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    Grid, Vuhdo, Healbot, Elvui, Tukui any raid frame addon can do anything like that. Boss mods for timers of those abilities. Bigwigs, DBM, etc.
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    already i use Vuhdo and i have DBM ,
    but none of them they told me about the timer on the players about Iron Prison
    both of them , show me the timer right and the timer on me but not on other player
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    Make Vuhdo show it on all raid frames then.

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    Make Vuhdo show all debuffs on people and it will always show.
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    If you don't want a completely new addon for it here's a weak aura with progress bars that grows to support anyone in your raid who has iron prison on them. Helped our healers tremendously.


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    dbm definitely allows you to show timers on other players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splerks View Post
    dbm definitely allows you to show timers on other players
    #1 problem that people have with DBM is they don't take the time to go in for each boss and set up what they want reported back to them. From warnings to bars most just leave it as a plug and play addon when they should really go in and set it up to show what they need >.<

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