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    Is there an actual fix to the "Mouse resets to center when clicking" bug?

    For those lucky ones who haven't encountered this bug yet, here's how it works: when clicking any mouse button in WoW, the mouse cursor often jumps to the center of your screen. If this happens while moving / camera panning, it will cause you to jerk around and change direction randomly (i.e. instant involuntary 180° turns etc.), which is of course a huge disadvantage as it can make you run off cliffs and hinder you when trying to select a target.

    This bug has been around for as long as I can remember. However, the frequency is what changed. It never happened often enough to really be more than a slight annoyance, but recently it's been happening about once every 10 clicks, which makes it almost impossible to play properly (especially PvP).

    At first I thought it was caused by Win 8.1, which was partly true. Win 8.1 seems to have a problem that causes this bug in a lot of games, and it happened with almost every click in WoW. I've installed the fix provided by Microsoft, which brought it back down to about 10% of clicks. However, a friend of mine using Windows 7 has the same problem.

    It also happens with no addons on a fresh installation, as well as on a completely different machine. I've also tried various other supposed bugfixes I've found on the official forums (disabling TabletInputService, updating drivers, using different cursor settings (hardware cursor, input lag, ...) and what have you) but so far nothing has helped.

    And of course this happens exclusively in WoW.

    Any ideas?

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    what kind of mouse do you have?

    i had this issue with both my old razer naga and my g600. i fixed it by disabling the step up/down DPI system in the software and enabled acceleration

    hope it helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceDuck View Post
    what kind of mouse do you have?

    i had this issue with both my old razer naga and my g600. i fixed it by disabling the step up/down DPI system in the software and enabled acceleration

    hope it helps!
    I've tested it with a Razer Naga, a Logitech G5 and a Logitech MX518. No noticeable difference. I've tried enabling acceleration for the Naga, but that doesn't seem to change anything, either.

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    are you 100% sure you disabled the DPI step up stuff? making sure the level is set to 1 and theres only 1 set DPI value?

    tried increasing the polling rate? if so, tried decreasing it?

    this is my settings: http://imgur.com/ewl8m8N

    is it the direct center of the screen it defaults back too? not just the mouse being thrown in a random direction? are you using a mouse matt? if the surface is too reflective it can interfer with the laser and throw it in random directions

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    The menu doesn't allow for 1 step, the minimum is 2:

    I've also tried different settings for acceleration and polling rate:

    The mouse cursor resets to the center of the screen, it's not random. I've tested it on a black cloth mat, a black plastic pad, jeans, the back of my hand, a white sheet of paper, ... all the same I'm afraid.

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    hm interesting, not used razer synapse in a while. is there no option to disable the stages altogether? tried changing both stages to the same value?

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    Yup, but I don't think it's the Naga. Happens with all other mice I have as well.

    Some additional info I've found:

    The bug doesn't happen on my laptop at all. It does happen on my old desktop, though. It also occurs much more frequently in Windowed Fullscreen than it does in Fullscreen mode.

    Edit: I've found (most of) the culprit. I had FRAPS running. Closing it makes the bug (almost) disappear. Now the reset only happens about once every 5 minutes, which seems to be the "normal" frequency I've had before (and what a friend of mine is experiencing as well).
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    I've had this for years. It only happens when certain programs are running. Like you say, fraps is one of them. I also know newer versions of Mumble causes it, so I use some old version called 1.2.4-beta1-12 which works perfectly fine.

    Now the reset only happens about once every 5 minutes,
    Spam left click while dragging your mouse. You'll reproduce it within 5 seconds if any "problem-causing" program is running.
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    Originally Posted by Velnrak
    Microsoft has just issued an update:

    Mouse pointer stutters or freezes when you play certain games in Windows 8.1


    Please let us know if this helps with WoW, and the issues in this thread.
    Once you do this you have to extend WoW to the update

    Edit: If it says "The update is not applicable to your computer" that means it's already installed (may have been updated as it was sent out as a patch) meaning all you have to do is extend it to wow.
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    There is a temp fix if you press both mouse buttons at the same time.

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    Yeah, bumping this as it returned in a lil' twisted form. (Some 6+ months ago now).

    The biggest change for me was win10. However I think it wasn't occuring at the very start, until a bit later.

    Anyways, It also happened on my same build using win7 back in 2014. It was fixed when WoD launched, until around 6 months ago.

    Game programming issue really.

    Get it resolved Blizzard.

    Hardware Cursor off seems to mitigate it a lot, but represents its own obvious problem!

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    I still have this issue, i simply cannot seem to fix it. I am using a Roccat Kone XTD, no problems in other games, just WOW. Tried the settings, regedit stuff etc. etc.

    Does anyone have a solution in windows 10?

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