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    We were a very tightly knit guild pre cata. We didn't all call each other by our real life names but many sub groups did. We did a dozen real life meets so eventually some of us started using IRL names, also using IG names IRL .

    Was sometimes awkward when we had new recruits because they wouldn't know who we were talking about so we tried to keep IRL names only during non important raiding conversations. So no people calling me by my IRL name doesn't bother me, I kind of enjoy it actually, shows the person speaking to/about me shows some form of interest in me, I was not just a slot in the roster.

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    I have the problem of everyone calling me by my oldest toon's name everywhere. It's so bad it's become awkward to even call other guildies out of wow by their given names over their toons. LOL *sigh*
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    No matter what game I play. I am Sol. Its always the first three lattes of my main characters name. I like to keep secrets and one of them is my full name. First, middle, and last.

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    They just call me.... Chuck.

    Too many Steves in the guild to begin with.

    I call my fiancee by her name in voice chat. Other than that, we usually have nicknames for each other, or shortened versions of character names.
    Even when we're on alts, we call each other by those nicknames, or by the main character they play with.
    For the few that don't want to give names, we don't push or press. It's just something that kinda works out on its own.

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