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  • Death Knight

    20 42.55%
  • Monk

    17 36.17%
  • Neither

    10 21.28%
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    What is your favorite new class in World of Warcraft? :)

    What is your favorite new class in World of Warcraft? And why?

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    Can't decide. Those are my 2 mains at the moment. =P

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    i like DKs, but i'm not great at rune management in PvP so I only ever do PvE on my DK. My monk became my main and i would have unsubbed about 8 months before i did last week.... so yeah, monk wins

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    Death knights, because it really fit a niche.

    They're both melee an ranged to begin with.

    They're one of the rare classes that has two DPS spec which are totally different from each other, I mean, Unholy Deathknight and Frost Deathknight are almost two different classes.

    their gameplay rely on countering with your anti-magic shell and your dark simulacrum (Escape from any control by using the shell at the good moment, guessing when the ennemy will use an important spell to use your dark simulacrum) and on smart use of the Death Grasp (Waiting for a mage to blink before using the death grasp, forcing ennemies into using spells to steal them)

    DoTs and pressure based melee class (Unholy)

    I didn't tried monk but I'm almost sure death knights are cooler because of the reasons above.
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    I can't really say I like either. Death Knights were fun when they first came out and all (Not the OPness, but it helped) whereas Monks just seem really plain to me.

    Though, regardless, I've yet to level either to max level so take that opinion with a grain of salt.

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    I played a frost dk in Wotlk semi seriously and a Blood Dk in cata for the lulz (soloing bosses and stuff).
    Played Mistweaver in MoP when it was jab jab uplift to victory; and I did some leveling as WW and BrM.

    Overall I don't have any interest in playing either currently; but I'd say that monk edges out dk slightly in the fun department (runes are not fun).

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    i cannot stand playing a ww monk they just feel unko and not smooth, brewmaster isnt too bad

    druids or shamans at the moment for me

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    Monks are an incredibly well designed class and lots of fun to play

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    Monk - I enjoy the gameplay more. I just wish the tanking stance wasn't chucking beer everywhere and just as much martial arts oriented as windwalker.

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    Neither because when they add a new class I hate leveling and dungeons for a month. I mean I was leveling some alts when Pandas hit. Dungeons with 4/5 monks was awful. And NOBODY knew what they were doing. Plus they leveled stupid fast so isntead of actually learning, like in Deadmines and whatnot, you got monks who didnt know how to tank in BRD.

    DKs same thing. Nobody understood how to play, but they pop out at 58 and jump in to dungeons.

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    DK was my main for 3 years but I'm just bored with it now. The same way I'm bored with rogues (my original main before the DK). I tried a monk. Got it to level 11. Probably won't go any further.

    It's all about the warlock now. So fun.

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    Death knight has been my melee main ever since it was introduced, and will continue to be, regardless of it being weak through some patch cycles. On the other hand, monks look and seem ridiculous to me, and I will likely never have one leveled.

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    Death Knights. I have been playing a DK as my main since Day 1 WotLK, and I still love it.

    That being said, I have been leveling a monk as an alt, and Brewmaster seems more fun than Blood for tanking.

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    tough call, I think I like the idea of DKs more, but unfortunately I've never levelled one past 75. I recently hit 90 on my monk, geared up to heal, and I'm not enjoying it as much as I'd expected I would tbh...

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    The Monk has a lot of potential if it could just lock down an identity. Are they mistweavers or fistweavers? Based around spamming attacks, or based around spamming 1 attack to keep 100% buff uptime?

    DK at least has identity, even if it had a very rocky start.
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