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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotcha View Post
    Suuuuure.... I'll trade you my white item for that orange item then.
    Hmm well anyone can have dat legendary cloak... and you cant get my scepter any more soo
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    I would be down for another quest like long as I was able to get it done via LFR, as I don't have access to good flex groups with my off the wall work schedule :S

    Sucks I missed out on finishing the scepter quest, I was collecting the pages , had 7/8 when cata dropped, and no more quest chain At least I got the epic cooking recipe

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    Didn't we have one of these in the isle of thunder? (as in server wide progress). But as a quest then sure why not? Rather let people out in the world than just /afk in their cities.

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    If the end reward goes to anybody who isn't myself afterwards;

    And if they implement it in such a fashion - I'd go to another game upon announcement.

    Long, serverwide and engaging content is amazing - but using this as an example when the real end reward was the mount that barely anybody got is just a huge no no for multiplayer games in today's setting.

    The LFR quest chain was great in concept but the fact it was doable in LFR (Should be nudged up to Flex if they do something similar again) and was just "Collect all these things" on crack kind of killed it for me.
    The rest outside the RNG hell? Great. Need more like that. Thanks Blizz.
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    The AQ Questchain was one of the best things ever happening in this game. But the game itself will never be like it was in Classic so we will never see something like that again.

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    Of course we would. There is too much set in stone in Wow now, too many repeating patterns and mechanics which detract from feeling like you are playing an actual game.

    Long grinds and quest lines? Hell yes, I remember that event, it was amazing. Went on for a long time and whole realm was involved, both factions. Unfortunately these days Blizz would just whisk you off to another island. Which is the most boring scenario ever at this stage but I think they are aware of that.

    Anything to make the game slighty different. It's dead on its feet at the moment, look at the plunging subs and look at MMO-C's hits in last year, the site is also suffering.

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    It was an EPIC questline, too short IMO. Ah... I remember when the gates first opened...and the server DCed me..

    Yep, the old days...

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    Yes, definitely.

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    I see a few too many people bringing up the event as a whole. I know that wont ever be the case again sadly

    I just mean the quest it self in terms of lore, length, etc
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    Absolutely! If the chain is as long as the Scepter one, then the reward could be well worth it-maybe for a 2nd legendary mount? I love the epic chains that taken you all over the world-the old low-level zones to the nooks and crannies of the forgotten areas, and battle cool bosses that require you to use your class and brain strategically. Add in exciting lore, and you've got me all excited! And there has to be some sort of achievement attached, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post

    i'd like to see both added, one for LFR scrubs who need their entitled gifts, and one for elitist pricks who want a challenging quest line with difficulty.
    fixed it for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BatteredSausage View Post
    fixed it for you!
    Not wanting everything to be loleasymode outside of raiding doesnt make you a prick. wanting to make everything loleasymode so you can feel accomplished while others are bored out of their skulls by the majority of the world is kinda being a prick

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    As long everyone can get it, unlike shifting sand mount, 1 pr server
    Various quests in 5mans, flex/normal raids, etc would be nice
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    Yes, but maybe a pvp one instead.
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    Yes really, even more if the theme of it is good. (shifting sands = very good and subject to make the player travel to interesting places)

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    Do all athletes who competed in olympics but did not won any medal view it as a big waste of time?
    I sure hope not because I cant imagine such people being so petty.
    The same thing was back then in WoW.

    I guess its a gap between generations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dzudzadzo View Post
    Do all athletes who competed in olympics but did not won any medal view it as a big waste of time?
    I sure hope not because I cant imagine such people being so petty.
    The same thing was back then in WoW.

    I guess its a gap between generations.
    my scepter shows i still did the same line, but with some new challenges. I did it at lvl 70 not 60, but had a harder time getting groups for all dat old content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    makes you raid, do instances, fight world bosses, etc

    what was so boring? It seems like it just gave an interesting narrative to play the game. It even unlocked new bosses in old areas
    I would do it if optional. Just make it optional, but give great rewards and great lore.

    Also add a poll.
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    It was amazing. Only One May Rise indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    (Yes the legendary cloak is similar this quest line was not gated in the same way where a new part of it was added each patch). It was very lore heavy and gave you tons of upgrades on the way...
    Essentially, if the cloak had been gated solely by time the player was willing to put in instead of artificial bullshit (3k valor LOLWUT?), the legendary cloak line would have been the spiritual successor to the Shifting Sands.

    If they should return a quest chain with this sort of epic scope in WOD (but without the stupid do it for five minutes and then be fucked for the week), I would welcome it.
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