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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    I think we must be just about done returning to places now. Can we go somewhere new?
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    I'm all for going to new worlds. All we've done is go between Azeroth and Outland/Draenor so far. We need to go to a world that is full of non-Legion life. It's time to travel on the Exodar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thimagryn View Post
    You mean Ethereals

    Also yeah i dont mind going "back" to Outlands as long as its new zones, i dont want another revamp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alundra View Post
    World of Warcraft - Outland 2: Demon Boogaloo
    "Outland 2: Demon Harder" would be a better title.

    but on the topic I can't see us going back to outland again any time soon, people are already complaining drenor is just outland, so if we change planet again it will probably be taking the fight to the legion, but that would also require them getting a portal to azeroth working as we would need a way back to them.

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    I would much rather travel to pre-war Azeroth.

    I mean pre-sundering would be okay too, but I would like to see human settlements like Stratholme and Lorderon in their glory.

    My thought is that clearly, Sargeras isnt going to be happy about Garrosh interrupting his plan for the Orcs, and there is still a Mendivh on the azeroth of this parallel dimension, we still have Nerzhul around doing whatever he is currently up to. A dark portal on the azeroth of this parallel dimension could be created and used as a gateway to reach Azeroth pre-orc invasion.

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