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    Quote Originally Posted by Herazim View Post
    You can't go on the PTR with a trial account, you need atleast 3 months of game time to have PTR available.
    My account is currently inactive and I can log onto the ptr just fine; I just logged on to be sure. Are you sure about this?
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    If the OP doesn't like repetition I am not sure WoW is the right game for him.

    The first 20 levels and especially the new panda starter area is probably one of the least repetitious parts of the game. Leveling in general is far less repetitious than end game. Really it depends on what activities you like, how much time you can put in, how many friends you play with, etc... Despite there being so many levels it really doesn't take long to hit max, they have sped everything up so much that it goes by in a blink. If you can afford 30 days I would definitely recommend taking a look at end game, before you make up your mind as it is quite different from the leveling experience. Whether you enjoy it more or less will depend on your play style. But once again if repetition isn't your thing, not sure it is the game for you.

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    The game is mildly entertaining leveling 1-90.

    Still not very fun while gearing up (unless the xpac is fresh)

    After a lot of effort leveling, and gearing up (Weeks or months of work) the game suddenly turns from meh to the most entertaining thing I can imagine.

    Progression raiding, high-level pvp, and all the stuff you can do in your downtime makes for one game that is WELL worth the money and time investment.

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    The 1-20 part of it, is repetative up to level 60. Then questing changes a little because of the 60-80 content being older than the 1-60 experience. It's still questing though, so not that different from 60+.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lareeyon View Post
    We were the janitors of MoP..."HEY LOOK, the mogu made a mess...go clean it up" "no wait the bugs are making noise, GO THERE!"

    "Now what"

    So basically Vanilla, BC, most of Wrath and Cataclysm?

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    Quests may be the same old thing at any level.

    But the people saying that END GAME is no different/nothing more to do/no better than level 20...that isn't your opinion, it's flat out wrong.

    Of course it get's better, the levelling side? No not really, it's the same general concept and core cluster of quest designs with the odd unique ones here and there, but you don't have a full speed mount yet,you can't fly yet, you can't raid, you can't do all the battlegrounds, you can't do challenge modes, brawlers guild, proving grounds, you can't solo old content for transmog and mounts and a hundred other things.

    WoW is about End-game, levelling is mainly an artificial barrier to it these days, enjoy it,take your time, but it's worth it in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protagenic View Post
    Hi guys, I've been playing the WoW trial eagerly anticipating the day I buy it but at level 20 you can only do so much and the game is so incredibly repetitive.
    Does it get better?
    not really, its basically the same repetative stuff, just more of it.
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    Questing: No.

    End game: Yes.

    WoW's biggest problem with attracting new players is that it asks you for money before you hit the good stuff. Back in Vanilla, this wasn't much of a problem. There were always players in low level areas, and the spread was fairly even all the way up. Since TBC, it's completely endgame focused.

    If you ask me, WoW should be free and the subscription should only cover max level dungeons (heroics), raids and max level BGs/Arena. And probably access to sell things on the AH, and trade/send items, to keep those pesky farmbots at bay. With WoD you'll get a free level 90 boost which should alleviate this somewhat.

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    If by better you mean do the exact same things as you are doing at lvl 20 but with bigger numbers and more moves then yes, if you mean better as in more interesting then no, the game is the same all the way thru every lvl you do.

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    Personally, I'm not much of a questing fan to be honest. The most fun you'll get is at max level - and rightly so. That's where you will spend most of your time during an expansion. It's quite straightforward to get into the max level content for PvE now as well. Thinking back to the Wotlk days, I hit 80 somewhere between 3.1 and 3.2, it was incredibly tricky for me to get into dungeon groups because I had to be carried for heroics and there was nobody running normal dungeons.

    There are a lot of things to do in the game, be it farming stuff, professions, ganking or even levelling another character. You'll find yourself spending a fair amount of time on the game, but be very careful. It's quite easy to burn yourself out on it.

    TLDR; yeah it's great - especially at 90. Don't play too much and burn yourself out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Protagenic View Post
    Hi guys, I've been playing the WoW trial eagerly anticipating the day I buy it but at level 20 you can only do so much and the game is so incredibly repetitive.
    Does it get better?
    the questing system IS repetitive, but there is a lot of story that goes on between all the different zones. (And I'm one of those people who geeks over lore and chances to see or read about events that affect all the major characters.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrugner View Post
    My account is currently inactive and I can log onto the ptr just fine; I just logged on to be sure. Are you sure about this?
    Well, that's how it was supposed to work. I did notice I could still access it after my account went inactive, recently.

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    If you already found the game repetitive at level 20, your definitely going to find it the same at 90. People run the same dungeons/raids for months until the developers release new ones. Then they run those for months until the developer release new ones. They are not very innovative when it comes to creating content, you''ll find whatever they add in the game is the same as the stuff you find in others that are available without a subscription.

    I would say to check out the video game subsection and look at the games there that can offer you what you like for free.

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    @OP: What kind of repetition are you refering to? The combat? The same dungeons/battle grounds? Some get better other get worse or stay the same. A bit more detail might help giving you input regarding your situation.

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    It definitely picks up. At 20 you don't have access to a whole ton of content. But if you don't like questing, pvp and dungeons i'm not sure more of any of those would sway you.

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