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Thread: bm>surv now o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayman80 View Post
    Haste as BM in my gear (561) is simming the worst stat. Crit > Mastery > Haste. I guess priorities change as your ilvl goes up.
    My hunter atm is ilv 565 and iv been running Haste>Crit>Mastery All xpac and im happy with the results ( it's all about ur play style i guess )

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    At 579ilvl I simmed myself with all possible stat prios including mastery=crit=haste. All results came in 1% of each other, but when I chanced fight type to cleave or aoe haste pulled ahead while crit and mastery were still close to each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepinch View Post
    My hunter atm is ilv 565 and iv been running Haste>Crit>Mastery All xpac and im happy with the results ( it's all about ur play style i guess )
    Yep i have same ilvl and i m haste build too. man do i love the result! also when i get to put up my tall strider, the result is even more awesome! SV not even comes close to it. I m tired of spamming the "1" key on my keyboard for ES. and still on avg. like 4 ~ 5 es streak. its pure rng. so now i m BM. besides more haste is more fluid. i cast a lot of CS, so lower cast time of CS is a big plus for me. But like littlepinch said, its all based on ur playstyle.

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    When you move out of the realm of simulation into the realm of live performance data using Raidbots "all parses for last 3 months for 25 man heroic" and take the most recent values, top spec fluctuates fight by fight. If you then change the settings for top 100 parses only for last 3 months and take the most recent values you see a different pattern emerges.

    Fight All Parses Top 100 parses
    Immerseus SV > BM by 11.5k dps SV > BM by 34k dps
    Protectors: BM > SV by 2k BM > SV by 43k
    Nourishen: SV > BM by .5k SV > BM by 9k
    Shah: BM > SV by .5k BM > SV by 2.5k
    Galakras: BM > SV by 21k BM > SV by 31k
    Juggernaut: SV > BM by 2k BM > SV by 6k
    Shamans: BM > SV by 6k BM > SV by 10.5k
    Nazzgrim: SV > BM by 4k BM > SV by 12.5k
    Malkorok: SV > BM by 7k BM > SV by 13.5k
    Spoils: BM > SV by 10k BM > SV by 13.5k
    Thok: SV > BM by 11.5k SV > BM by 25k

    No data on raidbots for the last 3 heroic fights.

    SV wins in 6 out of 11 by the larger sample size measure, but in only 3/11 by the top performer measure. This seems to me to support the idea that well-played BM has an advantage over good RNG well played SV on most fights, with Thok and Immerseus being the notable exceptions, where I suspect pet travel issues make SV better. But for most players, the differences are small and the spec you play better will yield the best results.
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