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    Meanwhile on the Horde side in the very same match... "What the fuck is wrong with Horde?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aven Ballantyne View Post
    I win it all the time, especially on my rogue. Rogues are so dominant in that bg it's insane. Just one or two can carry the whole game.
    ^ Alliance had 4 orbs and I could take out 3 of them by myself. Not that it mattered since I died and the rest of my team kept dancing around on the outer ring and let alliance recap orbs... Bots ftw!

    OT: Horde loses plenty there aswell. Some games the entire team works together, they quickly cap orbs and we 4 cap for an easy win, with maybe 5 people dying in total. Others noone goes mid even when all alliance are there with atleast 2 orbs capped and we end up dragging out a loss, that or just letting alliance cap all orbs and noone really bothers to try and retrieve them, staring on top of the outer ring and calling everyone else a noob.

    IMO, a large part of BG wins are determined by gear (having half your team sub 400k for example) and the amount of bots in your team. Being Alliance or Horde has little to do with it.

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